The Best Roku Hacks [2022]: How to Access Hidden Features

Last Updated on: 7th April 2022, 11:29 pm

ROKU Hacks is just like other hacks. They are there to make life easier. One thing is for sure, they are everywhere and you can never find them all. But what if you found one or two of these Roku hacks that really helped you out? Well, here are the best 20 roku hacks that will really make your life better.

1) No Headphone Jack

This one is right up there with the most popular one hack. If you watch any android or apple device with a big screen, especially one with a bright high resolution, you need to have a headphone plugged in while you are watching your android or apple device.

There is just no getting around it. Luckily, roku hacks are available that will eliminate this problem completely. You will just have to plug in the speakers if you don’t want to use the headphones.

2) No Wi-Fi For Streaming

Are you a heavy user of android devices with no wireless network available? If so, then this one is for you. ROKU hacks are available to eliminate this issue completely by using an app on your android device that acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Whenever you go somewhere and get internet, your device will connect automatically and stream videos from websites such as YouTube and Hulu.

3) No Jailbreak Required

ROKU Hacks allows you to have complete control over your android device. You can completely modify and remove your operating system. That means you can install any of the thousands of apps available on Google Play and the official Android Market.

Plus, you can install your own custom ROM software-based apps. No jailbreak is required for this feature! Just make sure you have the proper unlocking code.

4) Instant Replay Without Any Ads

Did you know that there is also a secret menu that allows you to view your videos without any ads? It’s called the “Google Play Movies & TV” application and you can tap on it to instantly replay any video.

Even if you don’t have any cable or satellite providers, you can still watch online as it is broadcasted directly to your device without adverts. ROKU hacks allow you to view these movies without the need of paying for anything.

5) Roku Search

You can search for movies, shows, actors, directors, and other categories from the home screen by pressing on the roku remote’s “*” key.

6) Hidden Commands

The “(*)” key also brings up hidden menus from most menu items. For example, if you press “menu” > “settings” > (*) it’ll bring up resolution settings like 720p or 1080i.

7) Fuzzy Roku Search

If Roku doesn’t find what you were looking for try searching with just part of a movie name (exact spelling is best). If possible add the exact year to narrow your results down further (the exact year is best). This works well for finding old roku channels you used to have via roku search.

8) Hidden Features

There are many hidden features on your roku device including a secret code input screen that can be accessed by pressing “*” several times after entering your password when logging into your roku account page from its IP address (i.e. roku login).

9) Hidden Channels

Roku users can install additional roku channels that it doesn’t market on its roku channel store. Below are roku channels for movies, sports, music, news and more. NetFlix has a roko channel that’s useful if you have NetFlix but not your own computer (or roku device) to stream netflix from your home internet connection with its built-in wifi adapter or use a USB-based wifi dongle externally wired into one of the Roku 3 ‘s four USB ports (for older rohu devices like the roku 2, etc.) to operate it as an external wifi access point. This tutorial details how to do it and more.

10) Add Roku Streaming Channels as Roku Channels

roku hacks
The Best Roku Hacks [2022]: How to Access Hidden Features 3

You can also add roku streaming channels to the roku channel store that rohan doesn’t offer by hacking your rohu device (roku 2 , rohu 3 , roko stick) in a way similar to installing additional roku channels (see above). This tutorial shows how it’s done.

11) Hidden Links

One of the “submenus” on Netflix’s Roku page is a way to access special features like rate all Netflix titles or highlight just so you know Roku includes this as a hidden feature (to me it was kind of hard to find which hopefully I can fix with this article).

12) System Info

When roku updates are available you will usually receive an email notice. If roku crashed there’s also a roku system info page that will display roku technical information.

13) Roku Hidden Menus

Roku has hidden menus that allow one to gain access ro the developer’s options. To access these roku hidden menu, you will have to press left roku remote four times and select ro enter a roku code.

Then you will be presented with different options in roku hidden menu. To come out of roku hidden menus, you will have to re-enter roku ro setup ro continue your roku streaming.

14) Roku Screensaver Hack

Roku has a screensaver hack that allows one to display any pictures on the roku screen while it’s not in use. Once you activate roku screensaver hack, roku will not turn of automatically. You can set roku to display pictures while roku is doing something else in the background.

15) Roku Lyrics Hack

This roku hack allows you to access lyrics for songs playing on your roku streaming device. In this roku hack, you can only access lyrics with your cellphone or PC using roku remote control and connect it to the roku account through an internet connection.

16) Roku RSS Hacks

Roku provides a number of rokurss channels where one can get news updates from different sources conveniently from their rokus screen. Roku rss feeds allow you get notifications straight to your tv as soon as they appear on web so that you can take action immediately.

17) Roku Hidden Channels

If you have roku hack, then roku hidden channels will not be difficult for you to find. Roku has a number of rokuhidden channel that you can only access with roku hack or roku codes. Some of rokuhidden channel are free while some uses paid subscription models just like other roku channels.

18) Roku Multi-User Support

Roku hacks allow user to share their rokus across different users and use them at the same time without any restrictions on airplay sharing . You can create separate profiles in your rokus device and add as many users as possible; each given its own benefits. Remember, all these hacked features are available for roku device above roku 3 version only.

19) Roku Parental Control Hack

Roku parental controls allow parents to manage rokus of their children and share rokugrownup content easily. Using roku parental controls, you can block channels on rokus without interfering with other adult channels.

20) Roku Google Maps Hack

This roku hack allows you to view rokugoogle maps from your rokusystem. Just connect rokusystem with PC or cellphone using home network and use this rokuhack in order to access google maps on your rokusystem that too without any additional charges as it is a free service offered by roku.

21) Roku Parental Control for Subtitles

You can now set parental controls over the subtitles of any movie or TV show using rokubroadcasters platform. If you own one of rokuroku streaming device, then you can use this hack to block explicit content not suitable for children below 18 years.

Conclusion – Roku Hacks

roku hacks
roku hacks

ROKU Hacks is not only limited to video playback or screen mirroring. They also allow you to browse through the internet in no time at all. You can easily access your Gmail account or any other apps that you have installed on your device.

The cool thing about these apps is that they work with any wifi network you might have, even if it is not an official one.

22)Your Phone can be used As a Remote

It’s likely that you’re exhausted of all the devices that clutter your living space. Luckily, the Roku application lets anyone who has the program integrate the remote onto their smartphone which reduces the mess a bit. After the application has been downloaded and opened, you will discover an control pad with a pause button, the volume dial and, perhaps most important, a variety of channels to make navigation easy.

 The app is ideal for streaming arguments with your partner or when one of you sitting on the sofa is attempting to switch the other channel to Bridgertonwithout any other understanding.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Roku hacks accomplish?

ROKU Hacks lets you have full control over your Android device. It allows you to completely alter and delete any operating system you have installed. You can also install any one of the millions of apps through Google Play and the official Android Market. Additionally, you can create your own custom software-based ROM applications.

Can you hack the Roku stick?  

The complete answer is yes. It is not possible to hack the security of any Roku device regardless of whether you’re using a Roku box streaming stick, Roku TV because it runs closed-system software. This means that unlike Firestick as well as Fire TV, you cannot download applications to the Roku devices.”      

What is it to jailbreak the Roku

 If you are planning the jailbreak feature on Roku TV, you need to eliminate restrictions that prevent you from achieving complete personalization. In essence, you need to extend the user’s privileges on the Roku beyond the initial levels. This permits you to install any kind of software you’d like and also alter the device in different ways.         

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