How Could AI Cause Catastrophe?

Artificial intelligence (AI) could cause catastrophic consequences in the future, according to a study released by the World Economic Forum. 

The study also found that AI could be used to manipulate people, potentially leading to widespread chaos and disaster.

Fill In addition, according to IFL Science’s latest report, a significant number of survey respondents believe that artificial intelligence (AI) could produce catastrophic outcomes in some text

In fact, 36% of respondents said that this was a possibility. 

The study cited examples such as the Skynet AI computer system in the Terminator movie series, which is programmed to self-destruct if it is not kept under control. 

With AI, computer programs that can learn and reason for themselves, disaster could also result. 

Now we are going to discuss how could ai cause catastrophe?  

AI could be used to create weapons that are able to navigate through complex battlefields undetected 

AI also has the potential to cause the extinction of entire species by creating machines that are able to wipe out entire habitats.