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University of washington annual tuitionCheck Annual Tuition Fee Details 2021, Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance for First-Year Undergraduates, or SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AID for University of Washington Tuition.

university of washington tuition
university of washington tuition

The University of Washington – Seattle Campus or UW is a public examination university situated in Seattle, Washington, and was established in 1861. It aims to provide the best education to its students so that they can turn them into global citizens and future leaders. Approximately 12,000 degrees are offered by the University of Washington to more than 53500 students each year. This university is a member of the Association of American Universities also additionally has been certified by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Today the University of Washington has one of the largest endowments in the country, which supports the teaching and research of education. It also has the distinction of being the only top ranked university in the state. There are many prominent alumni who have achieved notable positions in government, business and academe. Many well known researchers and writers are graduates of this prestigious educational institution.

University of Washington tuition and educational opportunities are diverse; it has programs that fit every kind of student, with the options for part-time, full time and graduate as well as post graduate degrees. If you are planning to go for your Master’s degree, you can pursue them at the undergraduate level as well as the graduate or doctoral level. The University offers a number of programs in science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and humanities. As it is very popular that a lot of professionals look for jobs in the scientific fields, more students opt for these programs to further their career interests.

University of Washington Ranking

university of washington ranking
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University of Washington Tuition Fees & Rates

University of washington tuition fees

MBA21-24 monthsINR 39.6L-51.7L
BE/BTECH4 yearsINR29.5L
M S12-36 monthsINR19.6L-39.8L
BBA4 yearsINR29.5L
MIM0.7 yearINR19.6L
B Sc4 yearsINR29.5L
Other courses 0.2-4 years INR27.3L-31.2L
university of washington tuition and fees

For more detailed information on the fee structure, check out the official links given by the university itself.

1. Tuition & Fee Questions

2. Current Tuition & Fees Dashboards

3. Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance for First-Year Undergraduates

4. Required Student Fees

5. Course Fees

6. Fee-Based Course & Program Fees

7. Graduate Appointment Waivers

8. Tuition History

9. Peer Comparisons

10. Tuition Disclosures

University of Washington tuition fees is among some of the most expensive in the country. However, there are some things that you can do to lower your costs.

The first thing you can do when you have figured out that you can afford to pay the tuition fees at the University of Washington is to get pre-finance. This will give you a better price for your tuition fees. You will be able to find the pre-finance from the school. This means that they will accept your offer of a loan with a lower interest rate and you will have paid a fraction of what you actually owed.

The second thing you can do is get a student credit card at the University of Washington. Not only will this help you with your tuition fees, but it will also help you while you are in school. The credit card will allow you to use it for school-related expenses and will give you some added money each month. Use your student credit card to pay for books, student housing, meals, and anything else that you think you might need. Make sure that you pay it back before your grace period is over.

Also, go to the official site for the University of Washington to get all the information that you need. There you will find out the maximum amount of aid that you can get, as well as different ways that you can pay it back. You should know what kind of financial assistance you can qualify for. Once you have all the facts, you will know what to do to get the lowest tuition fees possible.

University of Washington Cost| Cost of Attendance

Here you will get to know about the fee structure of the university of washington tuition rates of first-year undergraduates. The following below mentioned fees will cover all aspects like ROOMS, PERSONAL, TRANSPORT, BOOKS ETC as mentioned on the official site

ROOM AND BOARD $13,887$12,258

For detailed clarification on 2020-21 Cost of Attendance for First-Year UW Undergraduate Students, easily download the given below pdf.

University of Washington Scholarships & Financial Aid

If you are looking for any scholarships which you are eligible for, then we also have some information for you, go through below-mentioned data –

So maybe three scholarships or Monetary guides are available to worldwide students of the university including several grants, fellowship, student jobs for worldwide students for studying in the USA. About 61% of students get in any event one kind of help at the foundation. 15 UW graduate and college students were granted Fulbright awards in the 2018/2019 meeting.

The three scholarships that may benefit you are –

Mary Gates Endowment Honors scholarshipChester Fritz FellowshipAnita Borg Change Agent Abie Award
Those freshmen participate fully in their studies and many other personal activities come under this scholarship. those who will be successfully identified and selected through the honors program application process. Two years of funding for tuition and book costs will be covered under this scheme .This scholarship is accessible for funding the study or research of one quarter abroad for this current year with a monthly regular fixed money paid of 2500 USD. Being a master’s or a doctoral student who is in a non -fee-based program is eligible for this scholarship but also one thing that needs to keep in your mind only students get this offer who have not received the award before. The application is via the institute’s Awards portal in MyGrad Program. Those who have created or expanded technology opportunities for women in their technology have been granted this scholarship, especially for international women.  seven awards are given to women in different categories no matter what the age or class belongs to. The amount of cash prizes varies in addition to other more benefits

university of washington scholarships

If you are not sure what kind of assistance you can qualify for, call the Financial Aid office at the University of Washington to find out. They can give you more information on different kinds of grants or scholarships that are offered each year and you will be able to choose the one that you are most eligible for. Make sure that you take the time to find out all there is to know about the University of Washington tuition fees. This will ensure that you will be able to attend and graduate without having to raise your credit score too much.

Check here for the Financial Aid given by the University of Washington

Also check for the Net Price Calculator given by the university

University of Washington Annual Tuition Payment

In order to pay your uw tuition 2021 tuition fee, you have many options for it –

1. When you register yourself at the site, pay according to the statement given to you for paying the fees. Also, In your tuition statement, if you see a CR for eg ($16.00), this shows our Credit Balance. you can contact Student Fiscal Services in order to get a refund. you should not pay anything if your statement shows a CR

2. University of Washington tuition fees can also be paid through WEB CHECKED PAYMENT. Go to the official website of the University of Washington to get the payment done. A Web Check payment results in an electronic debit of your bank account. (Please verify that your bank allows electronic debiting before attempting to make a web check payment.) Before paying verify your account and routing number. 

3. For rejected payment – if your payment is returned or showing unpaid due to Xyz reasons. your student account shall be assessed a returned item fee of $20. If you are declared as the late payee then you have to pay the late payment fee for it. 

Here are some reasons that might create hindrances in paying your payment – 

  • 1) In case if you don’t have sufficient fund in your account
  • 2) Also, if you have filled your wrong account and routing number
  • 3) If your account is a non-transaction account 
  • 4) In case your account is closed and many more, do accordingly 

4. Paying in person – for now this mode of payment has been suspended 

5. International Student Payment Options –

Flywire provides the mode of payment for International Students with full security and also it has been partnered with the University oF Washington. It helps to simplify the payment process. If you want to pay online from banks and countries around the world, usually in your home currency, go with Flywire. Here avoid unnecessary bank fees and receive favorable foreign exchange rates.

For more details on university of washington tuition payment, click the button given below –

Housing Facilities/ Residence at UW Tuition 2021 

If you are looking for the housing facilities provided at the uw tuition 2021, then we have some data about it that might help you, so here we have mentioned data –

1) The University of Washington provides the facilities of  12 home lobbies and 12 academic-year, full-time fledge and family apartments for students. There are mainly seven apartments with a family living alternative for graduates and professional students.

If we talk about the features provided with the rooms then,  these are :

(a) beds of good quality, dressing table, wardrobe for clothes, dustbins, mirrors, 

2) Window covers, desk, and chair will also be provided. The halls will include laundry rooms, a gym for exercises, free wi-fi and streaming services, a lab for engineering purposes, free space for meeting. Cable TV, kitchens, all aspects will also be covered as per the needs of the student. 

3) It likewise offers off-ground housing like apartments and shared housing in close areas like Bryant, Ravenna, Roosevelt and Wedgwood, Northgate, Montlake, and Capitol Hill, for students who have qualified for off-campus housing.

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For further queries :

If you have any doubt or query regarding the University of Washington, you can contact at the given below address. 


1410 NE Campus Parkway

Schmitz Hall, Room 129

Seattle, WA 98195-5870

Campus Map


Campus Mailbox: 355870

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 4:30pm

Hope you find this information useful , All the Best

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