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Suffolk Community College is a private higher education institution offering full- and part-time and law programs | Login details and Important links to make your login easy.

Suffolk Community College – Overview

Suffolk Community College is actually a private community college located at Selden High School in suburban Selden, New York State. It’s sponsored by SUNY and Suffolk County, New York State. Suffolk Community College has three campuses: Selden Greenwich, Selden-Gartley, and Suffolk Community College Riverhead. It has two satellite campuses in Sayville and downtown Riverhead, New York City. Many of its students are drawn to the City University of New York’s Manhattan College.

If you’re thinking about getting a degree, you may want to consider going to one of Suffolk’s colleges. A good portion of your classes can be taken online and there’s no need to leave home or settle. You don’t have to worry about where to live or how to commute to work when you attend one of the many Suffolk community County colleges. Most students are able to get a full-ride scholarship.

suffolk community college
Suffolk Community College Login| Annual Fee, Admission, Tuition[2022] 3

There are several career options after you graduate. A good portion of the class will focus on either getting an Associates’s degree or a Bachelors’s degree in business administration. Students usually take courses like Accounting, Business Law, Criminal Justice, Financial Aid, Management, and Organizational Security. The Associate program requires a four-year minimum in order to graduate. The Bachelor’s program takes a four-year minimum but can be completed in just two years.

Certificate Programs

The College offers a large number of certificate programs. These include Accounting, Criminal Justice, Financial Aid, Health Professions, and Security. There are also over 40 associate degree options including eight special education concentrations including Special Education Certificate Program. There are also over 30 professional associate degree programs including six master’s degrees. The largest community college in Suffolk has three campuses and offers various professional certificate programs, as well as four bachelor’s degree programs including two major concentrations.

The average GPA in all coursework taken at the Suffolk community college is 3.4. With full-time and part-time attendance, the average GPA is better than that of most community colleges in the state. The average courses take a total of five years to complete. In addition, there are many upper-level professional certificates awarded at this college. These include the American Association of Professional Accountants (AAPA) and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certifications. The largest campus of the college is located in the town of Attleborough, just outside of London, in the state of Massachusetts.

Before going to a Suffolk community college, it is a good idea to do some research on the various options that will be available to the student attending the college. A full range of financial aid opportunities is available for those who are attending a Suffolk college.

Most notably are student loans. The types of student loans offered by the college include loans for tuition and other academic expenses including books. Also available are loans for living expenses while attending college, which can often make it more affordable for the full-time or part-time student to live away from home in an area without public transportation.

Suffolk Community College Admissions

Suffolk County Community College offers classes that can help those who wish to go to college but do not have the means to. This college is one of two colleges located in Suffolk County in New York State. The other college is St. Lawrence College. Both of these colleges offer degree programs that can help you attain a high school diploma or a college degree. In either case, you can get a job after you finish your education.

The reason why Suffolk County Community College Brentwood admissions are different from most other colleges is that they have an open admission policy, which allows anyone who meets the requirements to enroll and attend. They have several options, which can include the flexibility to complete your program on your own schedule or have it completely sponsored by Suffolk County. This open admission policy has helped the school to attract many students.

There are two types of admissions used at this college; standard admissions and application-based admissions. Standard admissions are used to admit students into the regular classroom setting that can take weeks to complete. Students can be approved for admittance even if their GPA falls below a certain amount or has too many negatives.

Application-based admissions are used to admit students for credit towards their degree programs, while Suffolk County’s open admission policy has helped this cause and helped increase their acceptance rates.

Steps to Apply

So there are 5 easy steps to apply for admission at suffolk community college. These are as follows

  • Step 1Choose a Program of Study
  • There are approximately 100 programs of study given by the college. If you want to check the complete list of associate degree and certified programs, you can check here- Programs of study.
  • Step 2 -Select a Campus
  • Secondly, you need to select a campus after selected your programs of study. The Ammerman Campus is located in Selden, the Eastern Campus is located in Riverhead, and the Michael J. Grant Campus is located in Brentwood. Directions and Maps. Before applying, search for program-specific information in Programs of Study.
  • Step 3-Submit your application
  • Applying online is highly recommended. You will be required to enter your Social Security number and have a valid email address. Failure to submit your SSN will impact your eligibility for financial aid plus you need to submit a non-refundable application fee of $40 along with your application.
  • Step 4 – Send Additional Document
  • Along with your application, you need to attach some additional documents, you can check the lists of documents here- Additional document list
  • Step 5 – Apply for financial Aid
  • You should begin the application process for financial aid as soon as possible. This will help to ensure your eligibility for the program for which you qualify.

Admission Procedures -/Suffolk Community College Application

Admission procedures gives you some ideas that how it works for Home Schooled Students, International Students. Different programs given along with their purposes, and many important things you need to know about while you taking admission in Suffolk. All details have been provided at – Admission Procedure

Also , a pdf of guidelines has been provided where you can directly find your all doubts to be answered.

Suffolk Sommunity College Courses

Suffolk Community College Employment– Whether you want to be a nurse, dental assistant, or something else entirely, Suffolk University has many different types of nursing courses to choose from. There are general education courses, such as those for people entering the workforce; courses in more specific areas, such as those for those who are looking to become a dental assistant; and even courses for people who want to study something completely different from their course of study, such as an African art form called drumming. No matter what type, of course, you are looking for, Suffolk University has all of the programs necessary for a successful college career.

Even the core requirements of the Suffolk College courses are required for entry into the Suffolk University nursing program. This core requirement is “The Registered Nurse (RN) Program” which requires a high school diploma or GED and completion of a course on a relevant National Certification Board for Registered Nurses (NCRN). This core requirement is “The Registered Nurse (RN) Examination” which requires passing of an exam consisting of two hundred and sixty multiple-choice questions in English and one hundred and eighty-point exams in Math.

Once students have successfully completed their core requirements, they will be assigned an academic advisor who will be able to recommend which courses are best suited for them based on their level of experience and prior achievements. There are many students who are admitted to a school without having met the aforementioned requirements, and they may choose to pursue a course of their choosing from the Suffolk University website.

Heres a table of different courses go down

2Addiction Studies
3American Sign Language
6Business Administration
7Business Marketing
8Cinema Studies
9College Seminar
10Computer Science
For Further courses , you can check all the courses offered by the college by clicking on COURSES LIST

When you apply for any Suffolk University course, whether it is an online or campus-based course, you will need to fill out an application for admission. This application can be filled out at any time during the summer between June and August. It is strongly advised that applicants complete this application as soon as possible as space is often limited for each student and the deadline for application has become increasingly strict.

The application will be reviewed carefully and any incomplete or incorrect information will not be taken into consideration. There is also a feedback form, which all applicants must complete. Many students who are unable to complete this entire application process, will be encouraged to send written feedback regarding their experience with the college and any recommendations they may have.

There are several scholarships, which are offered by the Suffolk County College District. These scholarships are specifically catered for students who demonstrate an interest in studying medicine. A student who is interested in studying medicine in the future should ensure that they apply for a Suffolk medical scholarship while they are still in high school. This way they will be assured of a place at a reputable college in the future if they receive good grades.

Students who wish to gain work experience or improve their communication skills during their college community college years may apply to the SCEAS website which offers information regarding free training and information on SCEAS workshops. This website also offers information and applications for professionals who work in the communications industry and would like to enhance their skills. Applicants can also contact their guidance supervisors representing school and college institutions to find out more information regarding these professional scholarships.

One of the most popular scholarships offered by the Suffolk County College District is the scholarships for single mothers which help women pursue a degree and gain a better quality of life. The main aim of these scholarships is to encourage single mothers to return to college and improve their lives in the process.

There are several online websites that offer information and details on the qualifications required to qualify for this particular scholarship. Guidance supervisors representing the college and school will also be able to provide more detailed information. Whatever the particular requirements may be, there is every opportunity for a student to receive one of the best deals available when it comes to the Suffolk community college guidance office and college counseling tutors.

Suffolk Community College Login

Suffolk Community College Login
Suffolk Community College Login

In order to log in at Suffolk Community College, you need to first register yourself by creating a username and password. Here is the link is given below to log in yourself at the college website

Click on this - suffolk community college login
If you have any problem in logging in then, click on this -suffolk community college login problem 


Tuition , Residents$2,735/ per semester
Tuition, Non – Residents$5,470
Tuition Deposit$100
Late Registration Fee$30
Technology Fee$150

Suffolk Community College Online

Suffolk Online refers to the online Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn. Through this online platform, instructors provide learning materials, create various learning activities, collect student work, and conduct assessments.

Online education is an attractive option for individuals who are self-motivated and can work independently. There is no difference in what you are expected to learn; it is the modality that is different.

There are different types of online education courses

  • 1.Fully online
  • 2.Blended/Hybrid
  • 3.Blended/Hybrid
  • 4. Web Enabled
  • 5.Computer Instruction on Campus


Suffolk Community College Financial Aid

Financial Aid-SCCO The Suffolk County Community College offers a wide variety of Financial Aid opportunities to students who want to complete a four-year degree and are interested in attending college full-time or part-time.

Financial Aid is available to anyone with full or part-time undergraduate enrollment, regardless of their credit history. Financial Aid is also available to students who have already enrolled but need help paying for school. There are a number of ways to apply for aid including Financial Aid-SCCO The Suffolk County Community College provides financial assistance for needy students.

Scholarship Suffolk County Community College provides a number of different scholarship opportunities for students who are interested in going to college. Some of these scholarships are based upon merit and others may need qualifications based upon the student’s minority status.

The College offers a number of scholarship options and all applicants should apply for at least one scholarship. Application guidelines and requirements vary with each scholarship opportunity. Students who qualify for scholarships may also be able to apply for other awards such as Tuition Assistance Stafford Loans Federal Work-Study Programs.

Grants Stafford Loans and Federal Work-Study Programs offer a wide range of financial aid opportunities for students who qualify for tuition assistance. Some of these grants require no repayment while others award money in the form of subsidized and unsubsidized aid. Students who wish to apply for a Pell grant should apply for a student loan. In both cases, a student must demonstrate exceptional financial need.

Suffolk Community College Social Media Links

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If you have any query related to this, you can contact them as following information is given below regarding this

For further queries – suffolk community college contact us

  • Central Administration
    Office of the President
    Louis Petrizzo, College General Counsel
    B.A., Lemoyne-Owen College; J.D., University of Toledo
    (631) 451-4705
  • Carol Wickliffe-Campbell, Chief of Staff to the President
    B.S., Temple University; M.B.A., Clark Atlanta University
    (631) 451-4169

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