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RTPS Bihar is the abbreviated form of Real Estate Trades Processing certificates. It has been formulated in India for use for official purposes and is considered as the standardized form of Real Estate Search and Valuation certificates.

The various government departments and other public organizations offer free assistance and benefit if a candidate applies for the Real Estate Trades Processing certificate. The RTPS Bihar portal enables a user to access different forms of official documents related to Real Estate, Race Business, Land & Property, and Income Certificates online.

It also offers assistance and information regarding various tax breaks, and other incentives offered. The online application facility and other related services of RTPS can be availed at the official website of rtps bihar. The official website of RTPS offers information on various methods for acquiring a certificate and also helps to find the various types of incentives, credits, and promotions provided.

To find a list of approved vendors in your state, select a category and then search by state from the list. A list of all the websites that have been approved by the Central Government should be contacted and then entered in the relevant field. In addition, it is possible to apply online for a Bihar Status online. However, an applicant must be above 18 years of age, owns a valid passport, possesses a valid visa, and reside in India.

If you are a non-residential tenant and need to apply for the Real Estate Transfer Certificate, you may follow the procedure as per the procedure mentioned in the Direct Link of Income Certificate. In case of applying for the Bihar Status, you must provide proof of your identity, residential address, date of birth, contact details, and income.

On successful completion of the process and acquisition of the certificate, a person will get a permanent address and can avail benefits under the Social Security Act and the Family Laws. The eligibility criteria for this is that the person must have a fixed source of income and must be a citizen of India.

The direct link of the income certificate along with the RTA certificate and the RTA receipt form is sufficient to get the eligibility criteria for the biometric eligibility test under the direct link of income and the RTA certificate. Hence, it is easy to go online and find an authentic service for income verification.

The direct link of the income certificate and the RTA receipt form is the most convenient way of collecting the latest information about the RTA scheme. You can also visit the website of the state where you need the RTA certificate and find an authentic service for collection.

Bihar RTPS Service Plus Overview

What’s RTPS ServicePlus?After visiting the official portal for RTPS Services, the applicant might have a question. The answer is here.

It can be described as the unified framework that the public has for grievance resolution and service delivery. It also provides the most recent information about government schemes. It is necessary to obtain State & Central government schemes & scholarships. 

The Service plus keeps track of all data provided by applicants and allows them to track their applications. This will allow the applicant to see the steps involved in verifying the RTPS Bihar Services.

To be eligible for various government facilities, citizens of Bihar must obtain a caste and income certificate. These certificates are especially useful for OBC and SC-ST. Caste, income, and residency certificates are usually required in order to receive money from the state or central government schemes or scholarships. Manage and maintain all attachments/documents in RTPS Service Plus online repository and access them across all services

Overview of Bihar RTPS Portal

rtps bihar
rtps bihar
Scheme NameRTPS Bihar
Launched byBihar Govt
Launched forBihar Citizens
ObjectiveTo provide facility of online application for making various government papers without going to the office.
Official Portalhttp://rtps.bihar.gov.in/

Objective of RTPS Services 2021

It is important to have income, caste, and a residence certificate in modern times. To get income, caste, and domicile certificates, the citizens of the state had to go through a series of government offices. They had to wait in long lines and waste a lot of time, which made it difficult for them to get their income.

The state government created an online service to address these issues. Through this portal, citizens of the state can apply online for their income, caste, and residence certificates. You can also apply online from your office. Online applications are possible without having to come in. You only need a working connection to apply for documents.

Benefits of RTPS Portal

  • The citizens of Bihar can access the RTPS Bihar services online through this portal.
  • The government offers various government schemes to citizens of the country. These include caste, income, and residence certificates. Then you can access all government programs.
  • It is now necessary to submit a Bihar Caste Certificate (income certificate and residence certificate) in order to be eligible for any government job.
  • These documents are required for college and school admission.
  • You are likely to be aware that many government schemes offer benefits. To receive these benefits, you will need to have a caste certificate, income certification, and proof of your residence. All of these documents fall under the same category as such documents and are required almost everywhere, regardless if you’re applying for a job in government or any other government scheme.

Bihar RTPS Services Certificates

rtps bihar
rtps bihar

We will inform you about the certificates as well as information about them that is available on the official website RTPS Bihar. Here is a list of certificates:

Caste Certificate

The Government of India has issued a caste certificate to the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, and Other Backward Classes of India. The website allows you to apply online for your caste certification.

To be eligible to take part in government exams and programs for SC, ST, and OBC, a certificate is necessary. An applicant without a caste certificate is considered an unreserved/general category.

The list of documents needed for the caste certificate is -:

  1. Identity Proof-: Aadhar Card, Voter Id, Passport, PAN Card, MNREGA Card.
  2. Address Proof-: Aadhar Card, Driving license, Residential Certificate, Rent Slip and Rent Agreement.
  3. Affidavit for Caste Certificate-: Copy of revenue records or village panchayat record, High school certificate, Extract of Government Service Record (book) mentioning caste/community category of applicant’s father or relative, Birth Register of applicant or father or relative.

Income Certificate

The Income certificate is issued by the State Government. It certifies an individual’s annual income from all sources. Each state has a different authority that issues these certificates. It is issued by the village Tehsildar in rural areas and by the District Magistrate or Revenue Department in urban areas. It is necessary for the EWS certificate.

Individuals can apply online for the Certificate of Income through the RTPS Bihar Service. Individuals can either visit the blockhead to apply for the certificate, or they can go online and submit their application via the portal.

The following list contains the documents required to register for the Income certificate:

  • Age proof (Birth Certificate/Marksheet)
  • Ration CardThe applicant
  • Residential Proof
  • Income details (Monthly Salary, Salary slip).

These are the uses of Income Certificates:

  • An Income certificate is required for individuals who are members of a reserved class or who have a quota at educational institutions.
  • You can apply for various scholarships at private and public institutions.
  • Individuals with income below the required criteria are eligible for free healthcare. This can only be done through the Income certificate.

Residence Certificate

This is proof that the citizen of the state is a permanent resident. The applicant must have proof of residence in order to be able to take water or electricity connections. Government jobs require the same. Log in to the window to obtain a residential certificate for RTPS Bihar. Provides.

How to Avail RTPS Services Online

Below are the steps required to register for the RTPS Services. Similar to Income, Caste, and Residence Certificate, the process for enrolling for RTPS Services is also possible.

  • => Visit the official website for RTPS Bihar Service Plus.
  • => You will see the page above. The tabs naming “Issuance Of Caste Certificate”, “Issuance Of Income Certificate”, and “Issuance Residential Certificate” will open.
  • => The tab will show various options naming as, Issuance of Caste/Income/Residence certificate at CO, SDO, and DM level.

Below is the page. This page will appear for all documents, including the SDO and DM levels. Caste/Income/Residence.

  1. Click on the tab “Register yourself” to fill in the details.
  2. The tab to “Register Yourself” appears as follows. The applicant must mention their Name, Mobile No., Password*, and State.
  3. Enter the security code to submit the application

How To Download Rtps Bihar App?

1.First of all you have to open google play store in your mobile.

2.Now you have to search by typing in RTPS Bihar search box.

3.After this a list will open in front of you.

4.You have to click on the top option.

5.Now you have to click on the install button.

6.In this way the mobile app of RTPS Bihar will be downloaded in your phone.

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