My Hobby Essay in English| 100 Words+ My Hobby Essay for Students & Children

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Given below is long and short my hobby essay or essay on my hobby in english for school and college students which will help you in your assignments and also in your essay writing or practice exams.

It is vital to form the simplest use of leisure. It’s very bad to waste one’s time. We will avoid this wastage as long as we learn to try to do something useful. We call this handy activity a hobby. A hobby can help us most in utilising our spare time properly. It becomes the simplest source of recreation. Therefore, everyone should adopt some hobby.

my hobby essay
my hobby essay

My Favourite Hobby

Everyone has a hobby, which we do in our free time to give us the beauty of self-pleasure. My favourite hobby is meditation. I love to do meditation in my free time. And the best thing is that this hobby is free of cost, in other words it does not involve any cost and expenditure to you. For example – to do photography you need a camera, but i am not saying you, not to go with any type of hobby which will cost you. Every hobby is great and relaxing. 

Meditation gives us time for introspection. It joins our soul with our mind. By doing daily meditation or by giving some time to ourselves, we are enabling our body to its recovery mode. By doing meditation we are making our mind to think and work creatively.

Meditation is the process of simplification of our mind. Its training unfolds or simplify your goal as you become more acquainted with the genuine significance of life. The entryway interfaces with your spirit while driving you down to self-understanding your unity with the universe, that you’re a piece of everything, all over.

At the point when you meditate, it improves your concentration and focus, elevates clearness, restores, builds joy, imperativeness, and passionate dependability, upgrades the capacity to learn, quiets and gives the internal harmony – these are only a portion of the numerous advantages that you can accomplish with the standard act of meditation.

Importance of Meditation

my hobby essay
my hobby essay

My hobby essay – It is discovered that by practicing meditation regularly, it inverts the impacts of pressure/stress, nervousness, and depression. Most importantly, you become more quiet, cheerful, and satisfied. With the help of improved concentration, you can understand your maximum capacity and utilize it in your important activities. The power so procured by the tool of meditation not only improves your contemplation capacities, yet additionally works for different exercises.

With this self-dominance power, you can change over everything undesirable into positive. As you adjust your energy to the vibrations of the universe, you will start to see great enhancements in all parts of your life.

My Hobby Essay 100 Words for Students and Children

My hobby essay in english – A hobby may be a pastime, for spending spare time for joy and pleasure. Hobbies enable us to spend our spare time delightfully and usefully. they have a healthy influence on our minds. After we are uninterested with the routine of our duties,we long to possess something for a change.

Hobbies serve such a purpose and supply a welcome change from the sickness of life. That’s why we cultivate hobbies. Hobbies are unlimited in number. Vocal and instrumental music, photography, stamp collection, coin collection, novel reading , gardening, to mention only a couple of are some of the most popular hobbies.

Social work, knitting and stitching are the hobbies of girls.They are a superb means of utilizing one’s spare time. They provide us with singular pleasure. 

I too have a hobby I, however, cannot afford to possess an expensive hobby like photography and boating. My father is a poor man. I help him in growing vegetables in front of our house. I have also planted flowers in our garden. I find this hobby very useful.

Importance of Hobbies –

There are many sorts of interesting hobbies like photography,stamp collecting,coin-collecting, Carpentry, painting and singing. Almost anything one does with interest is known as a hobby. 

If you like to swim, it can be a really great and useful hobby. In fact, there’s no exercise more useful than swimming. It builds muscles. It keeps lungs, heart and various other organs healthy. We should always have swimming pools attached to our schools and colleges.

Another important hobby is that of reading books. We should spend our leisure time in the library. We should always go through informative magazines. We must always select good books. These include books of travel and adventure, biographies of great men, books on general knowledge.

Books contain the most precious treasure. They contain a wealth of knowledge and experience. By investing your time in books you will definitely get high returns. Books give us a lens through which we can see the world from a different perspective. It widens and enlarges our thinking which helps in our decision-making process. The habit of reading books can pay throughout life. As books provide us unlimited knowledge. We can learn anything we want from a book.

Hobbies like stamp-collecting, coin collecting, drawing pictures, photography, and playing on an instrument are very expensive. The poor students cannot afford them. How-ever, they’re most useful for those that can afford money.

My Hobby Essay For Kids

My hobby essay for kids – Luckily, we’ve a little plot of land on the front side of our house. I even have adopted gardening as my hobby. Almost all the members of our family have adopted gardening as our hobby. We grow fruit plants and vegetables in that plot. We dig the soil. We hoe the plants. We trim the hedges.We waters the plants. Gardening has made our life happy. It enables us to try to do physical work. It’s thus a useful exercise also.

Life without hobbies is sort of dull. Hobbies give us change. Change of work refreshes our body and mind. It breaks the monotony of life.

Conclusion – My Hobby Essay in English

My hobby essay – Our hobbies build and mirror our characters. The things we decide and act to do, inform a ton regarding what sort of individuals we are. You may be good or dominating in the scholastics field, yet on the off chance that you don’t have an appropriate interest or hobby that you have been following since a youthful age.

At that point, you won’t be exhibiting any strong character. Accordingly, it is basic to pick a zone of interest and dedicate some an ideal opportunity to it so as to create as a healthy person.

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