MP E Uparjan[2020-2021]|किसान ऑनलाइन Registration ( Portal)


Today in this article we will provide you the best information about mp e uparjan. Under this scheme, the Government has set an objective of multiplying the pay of Kisan/farmers by 2022. Remembering this, the Madhya Pradesh government has begun the MPE obtainment portal. You all will get to know about the significant data identified with MP e uparjan 2020-21. For example –

  • 1) What is MPE Earnings Portal,
  • 2) Its motivation, benefits, application measure,
  • 3) Helpline number and so on.

So the readers are requested to go through the whole article in order to get the full information about e uparjan. 

The schemes MP E Uparjan has been launched for farmers of 2020-21. Through which the registration process has begun on this official website for the farmers of the state government who need to offer the crop to the administration at the support cost during the Kharif season. All the willing farmers of the state who need to sell their harvests at the support price fixed by the government should register themselves on this website.

E Uparjan MP Portal Farmer Online Registration  

Before proceeding further, Let me tell you that like last time, the registration process was done online on MPE Earnings Portal. This time likewise the registration process will be done on the web. However, this time there have been a few changes in the registration process. A year ago, MPE Earnings online registration was done uniquely through Krishi Upaj Mandi, because of which many farmers needed to face a lot of issues. So in order to make it easier, the government had decided to bring changes in it so that farmers won’t face any kind of difficulty.

Overview OF MP E Uparjan Portal 



Because of the online process done during Krishi Mandi a year ago, farmers in Madhya Pradesh were facing a lot of troubles and there were numerous farmers who couldn’t register themselves. Because of this problem, they needed to sell their crop at a value lower than the support price.

Because of this, the farmers needed to face a great deal of loss. Understanding this issue of farmers, the Madhya Pradesh government has made the registration process online through MP E-procurement Portal.


This year, farmers of the state will have the option to register themselves in e-procurement portal registration centres in the public area for e-procurement. So by providing online registration, the MP govt launched this with the goal that both their time and cash will be saved.

Benefits and the Characteristics of E Uparjan MP

On this website, people of the state can easily register online through their computer or mobile at home.  All farmers of the state can take advantage of this scheme. Farmers of the state can likewise benefit from this plan by downloading the application on mobile phones. 

There will be no issues in registering the farmers through the Madhya Pradesh e-procurement website 2020-21.  People will likewise save time by accessing this online website. In order to sell wheat at the minimum support price (MSP), the farmer will also have to give three dates this time, in which he will come to the procurement center with the grain.

Important Guidelines For Registering Yourself on MP E Uparjan

In order to register yourself online on the e uparjan portal, you need to keep several important terms in your mind. We have provided you with several terms so that you can check it thoroughly. This year all the farmers of Madhya Pradesh can register through their Aadhaar card number and Composite ID. 


In case that you don’t have a Composite ID, at that point, you can’t register on MP E Uparjan Portal, for that you must apply for a Composite ID. It is compulsory to have Aadhaar or a complete  ID for registration. 

The candidate should check the bank account data entered by him while registering on the portal. A mobile number is mandatory for registration on the Madhya Pradesh e-procurement portal 2020-21. To complete this registration process, your mobile number must be linked to the Aadhaar Card.

After registration you will be given a receipt, you will have to maintain it or take care of it. After registration, print the acknowledgment and it is mandatory to take the acknowledgment at the time of purchase.

Important Documents for MP E UPARJAN

  • Applicant’s Composite ID
  • Residence Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Loan Book
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size photo

How To Register on MP E Uparjan

If you want to register yourself on e uparjan , you need to follow below given steps carefully. 

Step-1) Firstly, you need to go on the official website of e uparjan by clicking the blue button given below.

e uparjan
e uparjan

Step-2) After clicking on the button, the homepage will appear on your screen, from there you need to open the Kharif portal 2020-2021 and click on its link. Then you have a new page on your screen, where you can register yourself on the option of “NEW REGISTRATION”. After this, an application form will open in front of you.

mp e uparjan 2020-2021
mp e uparjan 2020-2021
e uparjan mp
e uparjan mp

Step-3) You have to fill in all the important information asked in the application form. After that you have to upload all important documents. And simply click on the submit button. In this way, your application process will be done successfully.


Procedure to know एमपी ई उपार्जन Application Status

Step-1) First of all, you have to go to the official website of e uparjan mp portal. Now a home page will open in front of you. On the homepage, you have to click on the option of Kharif 2020-21.

e uparjan mp
e uparjan mp

Step-2) Now a new page will open in front of you. You will have to click on the option of the Farmer Registration / Application Search on this page. After this, a new page will open in front of you, in which you will have to enter your application number.

Step-3) Now you have to click on the search button. Your application status will be on your device screen.


Most importantly, you need to go to the Google Play store of mobile. After that, you need to search by writing  “mp e uparjan” here. After this you should download and install the highest rated application. 

Along the way, with the help of this mobile application, you will have the option to get benefits by registering for all different crops including Kharif. 

You can likewise get a link to download the mobile application by entering your mobile number and by the overall ID number by visiting the e uparjan mp portal.

How to get the Acknowledgment Slip?

Step-1) Most importantly, you need to go to the official site of e uparjan. After that, the homepage will open before you.  On this landing page, you will see the option of Kharif 2020 – 21. You need to click on this option. After that, the following next page will open before you. 

Step-2) At that point you will see a link to the Kisan Kharif Registration Year for the year 2020-21. You need to tap on the link. After that you have entered the link, the following page will open before you.

Step-4) Then you will have the link to get the acknowledgment slip, you need to click on this. When you have entered the link, a new page will appear on your screen. You will have the form that you need to fill in the required asking data accordingly. 

Step-5) After filling in all the details, you should tap on the SEARCH FARMER button then you will get the acknowledgment slip immediately.

How to get help?

[email protected] is the Gmail where you can ask for help and get a solution to your problem.

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