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Last Updated on: 15th April 2022, 12:33 pm

Microsoft Planner Desktop App is a browser-based application that you can access through your mobile device or desktop computer using the app launcher, or any of the other Office 365 tools.

Planner is part of The Office 365 bundle so it’s accessible to all users who have a Microsoft subscription. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Microsoft personal or have invested in the apex of tools included in each of the Enterprise packages, you’ll be able to access Microsoft Planner.

  • Planner for 365 is basically an instrument for managing tasks. The program gives users a hub which allows you to make plans, organize workloads as well as document sharing and give tasks to others, and keep coworkers informed and track the progress of your work through a range of different Office 365 dashboards.
  • It’s important to note it is that Office 365 Planner ties in very closely with Microsoft To Do. However, they are slightly different in their uses. Planner for 365 can be utilized to help you organize the tasks you have to complete. It’s a tool for managing projects.

Microsoft Planner Desktop App

Microsoft planners are a great way to organize your tasks and keep track of your progress. Microsoft planners are a type of app that helps you organize and track your tasks. They can be helpful for people who want to stay organized and efficient while working on their Microsoft planners.

The Microsoft Planner Desktop App is a powerful tool that is used for managing tasks and to-do lists. It helps you organize your work in a visual manner and manage

HD Visualisations Of Your Workdeadlines & Tasks

The software is also useful for interior decoration. Unlike other applications, it does not require any skills or experience. It offers HD visualizations of your work and can help you capture your progress in real-time. However, you will have to pay for this feature.

Windows, MacOS & Linux

The Microsoft Planner Desktop App is an unofficial to-do list application available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It works on all major operating systems and supports multiple Microsoft Planner accounts. You can switch between different accounts with a click of the mouse.

You can also launch Microsoft Planning quickly from the app’s home screen. You can even use multiple desktop applications at the same time! And the best part is that the unofficial Microsoft Planner Desktop App works in distraction-free windows.

Microsoft Planner Four Key Characteristics:

microsoft planner desktop app
microsoft planner desktop app

1. Visual Project Management

When you make a plan using Microsoft Planner, a notice board is automatically generated. It allows you to organize tasks into buckets according to the status of the task high, medium, or low high priority, or the individuals that you’ve been assigned tasks.

The board provides you with an instant overview of your entire task; assignments, tasks that are nearing deadlines as well as completed tasks and tasks that haven’t yet been in progress.

To check an item’s status task, or shift assignment from one person to the next Simply move and drop a thing you wish to move.

2. Enhance Collaboration

Microsoft Planner enables you to collaborate with your team members and also communicate with them via the chat feature of 365 while maintaining the details of your plan’s information. The biggest drawback is that you cannot upload files while you’re using Teams. You must be within Planner.

  • Users are also able to add comments for feedback regarding the tasks. This is a great option when a member of the team has an issue with an individual job.
  • If you have a large project that involves many teams involved, the feature could be beneficial for members of the team to get in touch with an expert in the right way if they have questions or a conflict of interests.

Everyone in your team, as well as remote workers who have been invited to access the Microsoft Planner app, can be able to see who is accountable for which tasks.

3. Email Notifications

Planner for 365 aids team members and managers to keep track of their tasks. Push notification alerts them of projects that have deadlines approaching or appointments they could need to attend at a particular date.

Notifications via email can help project managers save time by sending emails to all members of the team instead of each member in turn.

4. Guest Access

The guest access allows you to invite anyone into Microsoft Planner 365. This is perfect for projects where you’ve enlisted the assistance of freelancers who don’t have any affiliation with your company.

It is also possible to grant the app users special access to use other functions of the application, such as making comments or uploading files. In some cases, it is required to allow them to complete the task.

Features Of Microsoft Planner Desktop App

One of the most convenient features of Microsoft Planner is the ability to create charts for team tasks. You can keep everyone updated on the progress of each task, and label each task with a different color. Color-coding is a common practice and can make it easier to identify each task.

This way, you’ll be able to assign different owners to different tasks, as well as prioritize them differently. It’s also a great tool for communication and collaborating with your team.

microsoft planner desktop app
microsoft planner desktop app
  • Another great feature of Microsoft Planner is its ability to help you organize your work. You can use it with other team members and share files with other team members. You can update tasks’ statuses and move them around as needed.
  • This feature is especially helpful for teams, as it lets you share files and chat with colleagues. You can easily access the latest information from your teams through the Microsoft Planner desktop app. That way, you can keep everyone in the loop.
  • One of the best things about the Microsoft Planner is its ability to allow you to label tasks by priority and effort level. You can also label tasks by their owner and prioritize them accordingly.
  • The app also provides a way to add and remove tasks. If you’re working with other people, you can also share files and chat with them. In this way, you can easily keep everyone updated with the progress of each task and avoid unnecessary meetings.
  • Whether you’re working on a personal project or a team-oriented project, Microsoft Planner is an ideal solution for your needs. The software’s task manager and team-wide collaboration tools enable you to plan your work easily.
  • For instance, you can set up groups and assign tasks to different team members. You can share files, chat about your projects and get updates from your team. Aside from that, it also has a powerful chat feature that allows you to share notes with the team.
  • The Microsoft Planner Desktop App can also be used by teams. It allows you to create multiple plans and track your progress. It can also support multiple users. Using the app’s multi-user feature, you can switch between multiple accounts with a click.
  • The unofficial Microsoft Planner Desktop App has a task manager that makes it easy to switch between accounts. When using the application, it runs in a separate window. This helps you keep tabs on your projects.
  • It also helps them to create and collaborate on projects together. There is no better way to organize your work and stay on top of your projects than with Microsoft Planner. The team-based features make it easy to work with other members of your organization.
  • You can invite people from your organisation and other teams in order to get updates on the progress of each task. A team-based planner also makes it easy to communicate with other members and share files. It makes the work flow easier and smoother.

Using the Microsoft Planner desktop app, you can manage your work with a team. The notice board makes it easy to organize tasks according to priority. It is also very helpful for collaboration.

Benefits of Microsoft Planner Desktop App

  • Manage Multiple Accounts Manage several Microsoft Planner accounts at the at the same time, or switch them all with just one click.
  • Stay Organized You can organize all your email messages, apps for messaging and web services, such as Microsoft Planner into neat collections using Spaces.
  • Stay Focused Start Microsoft Planner swiftly from the your dock or taskbar. You can run Microsoft Planner in separate, uncluttered windows.
  • Work More Productively Enhance Microsoft Planner by incorporating keystrokes for keyboard, menu bar/tray integration protocol handlers, and more!
  • Stay Secured Guard your data from prying eyes by using passwords or Touch ID.
  • Control Notifications Control notifications using schedules and display a badge that is not read on the dock (or the task bar) icon.

Tips For Using Microsoft Planner Desktop Application 365

  • Microsoft planner desktop application is a project management tool that makes managing projects and teamwork a breeze. Its simple visual interface lets you easily organize your projects and manage tasks. The software integrates with Microsoft Teams for collaborative teamwork. Here are some tips to help you get the most from Microsoft Planner. The first tip is to customize your lists. This way, you can make sure each task has a due date and an associated priority level.
  • Add more than one team member. Adding additional team members is easy with Microsoft Planner. Simply navigate to the Office 365 admin center and select the option to “Add a user.” If you’d like to add multiple users, go to the Calendar tab in the Rubik’s cube menu and select “Add a user.” After you’ve added an employee, you can edit their profile details.
  • Add team members. To add team members, go to the Office 365 admin center and choose “Add a user.” Then, select the user that you’d like to add. You can also select a user from your contacts. Then, click “Add users.” You’ll be asked to confirm the addition. Once the user is added, they can create projects and cards. You can even upload files from OneDrive or URL links
  • Add external users. You can invite people to collaborate with you. You can invite external users to interact with your plans. You can add new buckets for them. Moreover, you can assign tasks to external users. You can also add other people to your plan. This will make your teamwork easier. Then, you can share the data with external users. You can share files with your group. By using this tool, you can easily invite anyone to participate in your project.
  • Adding group members – If you have more than one team, create a Group. It will allow you to add other members to your group. This will make it easier for everyone to view plans. When a group is created, everyone will have access to the same information. In addition, it will be easier for team collaboration. In short, Microsoft Planner is an essential tool to have in your team. It will make collaboration with your clients a breeze.

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