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Last Updated on: 24th February 2022, 12:49 pm

Jan suchna portal 2021 – The general public needed to visit several websites to find information about each government department. Different methods were required to obtain information about each plan. This was because of the inconvenience. These schemes were not open to everyone. You can now find all of the schemes under the Rajasthan government on this portal.

This portal allows citizens to easily access information about state government programs. They can also take advantage of government schemes from their homes.

The state government will make all information on the portal available. The Department of Information Technology and Communication has prepared this portal.

This online portal provides information on all government schemes in a ward/panchayat. It implements Section 4(2), 2005 Right to Information Act.

People don’t need to be asked to use the government scheme. Now the people of Rajasthan can easily access the services and schemes being run by the Rajasthan government for their benefit through the public information portal Rajasthan2021. This portal will ensure transparency and accountability in the government’s work.

Jan Suchna Details

Jan Suchna is a unique online resource for seniors, providing them with information on various public and private sector schemes. It gives you options to find out more about such schemes and also makes it easy for you to apply for them.

You need to log in and provide some basic information like your name, age, address, contact details, and more. Once this is done, you will be provided with a list of all the schemes that are suitable for you. There are various plans that you can choose from depending on the kind of help you need.

Idea Behind Establishing

The main idea behind establishing such a website was to make it very easy for seniors to access important information on various government schemes that are designed to help them in living an independent life.

In fact, the concept of a public information portal app was conceived after the launch of the superannuation scheme called the National Senior Citizens Fund (NSCF). Since then, various senior citizens’ organizations have made websites for providing information on various schemes that were developed to benefit everyone.

Jan Suchna Portal Details

These websites include complete details on various pension schemes and other assistance available under the state government. A thorough description of the scheme is also included to make the process of applying for it easier.

Jan Suchna is not only a complete information source but also a complete legal advice portal as well. This is because all the relevant information that you need regarding the plan you are looking for is present on the site.

Apart, from providing you complete information on various pension schemes that are provided by the NSCF, Jan Suchna has its own team of experts who will help you find the right scheme according to your needs. You can make use of these services even if you are not registered in the NSCF.

Just log in to the portal, and check the list of all the options provided by the state government. The experts working there will assist you to make an informed decision regarding the pension scheme that you want to opt for.

As soon as you are registered in the portal, you can expect the best service from the experts. The portal provides you with an online application form that is easy to be filled and upload.

In just 24 hours, you can get information on various government schemes that are provided by the state. Some of the plans that are covered by the NSCF include Old-age Security, State Respiratory Medical Allowance, State Compensation for Victims of Catastrophic accidents, State Guaranteed Debt Reduction, Providing Income Support to Parents and Other Benefits for Mothers.

Objective of Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal

jan suchna portal
jan suchna portal

Rajasthani citizens had to struggle for information in the past. They were still unable to get the information they needed. The state government created the Rajasthan Public Information Portal to address these issues. Jan suchna portal makes information about government services and schemes easily accessible to the public. To make the citizens of Rajasthan self-reliant and empowered through this Rajasthan Public Information Portal 2021.

The government of Rajasthan has launched a web portal “Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal”. The Objective of the website is to provide information regarding various government schemes/programs and efforts taken by the Government for the benefits & welfare of all sections of society including Tribals & Ex-Tribals, Dalits, Minorities, Women, and other weaker sections.

The website contains information about:

  • 1. State level governance (information provided with respect to highest administrative tier)
  • 2. District Level Governance (Information provided with respect to district administration)
  • 3. Scheme related (Information provided with respect to scheme wise implementation)
  • 4. State Policies / Acts/ Rules related (Information provided with respect to Acts/Rules)
  • 5. Information related from other State Govt. Departments.

It aims at facilitating people to access government services digitally, anytime, anywhere. The project has been implemented with the objective of bridging the existing gap between service providers and the common man by using technology and related tools (web-based applications) through mobile/internet for getting various services from Government departments in an easy way while being connected 24 hours.

With this project e-governance initiatives have entered into the phase of real-time governance where citizens can access information anytime on their own using computers or smart phones.

Objectives of Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal :

  • – Online platform for citizens to connect with government and see what it is doing.
  • – Part of Digital India initiative by Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.
  • – Citizens [must] be able to do everything online through Rajasthan Jan Suchna portal viz: applications, registrations, payments, transactions; governance related information etc… .
  • – To make Rajasthan a digitized state.
  • – To give the ease of digital access to all the citizens.
  • – The aim is also to bring in maximum transparency and accountability, improve service delivery and enhance public outreach through an e‐governance initiative.

Names of 13 Departments Associated with Jan Suchna Portal

jan suchna portal
Jan Suchna Portal [Updated 2022] | राजस्थान जन सूचना पोर्टल 4
  1. Social Justice & Empowerment Department
  2. Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department
  3. Tribal Regional Development Department
  4. Department of Primary Education and Secondary Education
  5. Medical Health and Family Welfare Department
  6. Labor and Employment Department
  7. Mines & Geology Department
  8. Food and Civil Supplies Department
  9. Department of Energy
  10. Planning & Information Technology & Communication Department
  11. cooperative Department
  12. administrative information department
  13. Revenue department is attached.

Jan Suchna Portal Important Details 2021

Information on schemes can be found through the Rajasthan jan suchna portal. This information is available under Section 4(2), 2005 Rights Act. Jan Soochna Portal and Jan Soochna app provide information about any scheme. You will need to choose the plan you want, and then you’ll be able to access all information about that plan.

This information can also be accessed through Jansoochna’s mobile app and E-Mitra Plus. Access to this portal is possible without the need for a SSO ID. This information is available at no cost to the government. This portal provides information about the following schemes –

Public Distribution System (Ration) – 

  • Information about the ration card
  • Information about the ration card shop
  • Information about NSC Beneficiary Information
  • Information about ration card holders in your region
  • Information about ration shops by area
  • Pending Denied Beneficiaries Information

Information about the Kisan Loan Waiver Scheme

  • Information on the loan waiver program for farmers in your area
  • Social audit information about the farmer loan waiver program

Information on Foster Care

  • Information about the status of your application
  • Information on eligibility rules
  • Information about the beneficiaries and area-specific Palanhar Scheme

Information about e-Panchayat –

  • Information about your field’s progress and work
  • Information regarding the budget of your Panchayat
  • Panchayat Profile Information

Social Security Beneficiary Information

  • Social Security Pension Eligibility Rules
  • pension details
  • pension beneficiaries information

Labor card holder information

  • Information about your local labor card holder
  • Information for Employers
  • Information about your labor card

Information about NREGA

  • Complete the report
  • Progress report
  • Report on Active Job Card Holders
  • Report on field musterol

Process to Apply on Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal

jan suchna portal
Jan Suchna Portal [Updated 2022] | राजस्थान जन सूचना पोर्टल 5
  • You first need to visit the official website for Rajasthan Public Information Portal.
  • The home page will now open in front you.
  • Click on the Schemes/Services tab from the homepage.
  • You will now need to choose the service you wish to apply.
  • The application form will now open in front you.
  • Fill in all information requested on the application form.
  • You will need to attach all necessary documents.
  • You will now need to click the submit button.
  • This will allow you to submit your application on Rajasthan Public Information Portal.

Procedure for Getting Information About Jan Suchna Scheme

1.First of all you visit the official web portal.
2.The main page will open in front. Here are four options.
Information about schemes / beneficiaries of schemes / eligibility of schemes / access to schemes

3.If you want to know about any scheme related to Rajasthan state. So choose the first option.
4.For information related to beneficiaries. Select the second option.
5.Select the third option for the eligibility of the scheme.
6.Where is the plan implemented? To know this click on the fourth option.
Now a new page will open in front of you related to your option
7.Fill the asked information here, and complete the process by choosing your correct option from the given options
Now the information you wanted is in front of you.

With the help of this portal, youth can easily get knowledge about new schemes. and may benefit. In such a situation, it is a great convenience for the general public. And you will be able to get information about any scheme related to Rajasthan state in a few moments. If you want to get any more information related to Public Information Portal. So you can also call on toll free number.


Rajasthan Jan Soochna Toll Free number/helpline no. 1800- 180- 6127

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