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Intra Haryana – Login & Check your GPF Statement of 2021, Download Salary Slip PDF, HRMS E-Salary & Property return at www.intrahry.gov.in.

Intra Haryana 2021

The State Govt of Haryana has launched and developed an online portal known as Intra Haryana(इंट्रा हरियाणा). On this portal, government employees can take many benefits as of e salary haryana, online leaves, and service book, annual property return, annual confidential report GPF account service, etc. In this post, we will share with you the complete information including intrahry login and registration. So read this post carefully.

This online web portal is made for the govt employees of Haryana, who are appointed and working in various departments of Haryana. If you want to check your salary statement, the E-Salary system has the facility to process and publish the salary of the employees of the department. It provides all the reports needed for the account branch. Individual employees can see his Salary Slip, Annual Salary Statement, GPF Account Services or GPF Statement Other Payments. This portal is a single online web portal.

The government of haryana implements the online leave submission and approval system. By using this portal, now haryana employees can submit online leaves and Tour sanctioning from their homes. This is a good step taken by the haryana govt as technology always makes our work easy.

Haryana state govt has gone for digital transformation, by launching a new online portal for the Haryana govt employees. The portal adapted to suit all govt workers to receive all services digitally without needing to visit HR offices.

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Overview of Intra Haryana Portal

Portal Name intrahry
Website TypeOfficial Site [Government. of Haryana]
Service forService for Govt Employees
Design & Developed By NIC, Haryana Unit
Full form of NICNational Informatics Centre
Official Website      http://intrahry.gov.in/

Important Links for “Intra Haryana” 2021

Intra Haryana LoginClick Here
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New RegistrationClick Here
Forget PasswordClick Here
Download Mobile App|Karamchari Sahayak|Click Here
Property Return of HCS officersClick Here
Intra Haryana Donation 2021Click Here
Complain at Help DeskClick Here
Guidelines fill up Property ReturnClick Here [PDF]
Fill up online details of familyClick Here [PDF]
Guidelines leaves and TourClick Here [PDF]
Guidelines fill up ACRClick Here [PDF]
Official PortalClick Here
User Manual for New Registration.http://intrahry.gov.in/UserManual/User_Manual_for_NewRegistration.pdf
Download (Karamchari Sahayak) Mobile Apphttp://intrahry.gov.in/Andoid/app-debug.apk

[Updated] New Important Links 2021

As per government instructions Property return 2017-2018 will be submit on Intra Haryana.To Read Notice Click here
User Manual for updating Family ID(Parivar Pehchan Patra)Click here
All Group A, B & C officers are requested to submit their property return immediately. Chief Secretary has taken serious view on it.Notice
Again Extention of Timelines for recording of PAR of HCS(Ex.Br) Officers for the year 2019-20.Check here
Health proforma for HCS Officers (Above 40 years).Click here
Intra Haryana Parivar Pehchan PatraClick here
Instruction for E-Filling of PAR of HCS Officers for the year 2019-20.Check here

Important Notice 2021

  • a) Official portal registration has to be done before login.
  • b) Login IDs created on earlier old sites, will not work on New Updated Site.
  • c) If the employee is having problems with Payee Code / Unique Code, Bank Account Number, Mobile Number, then you can solve the problem by asking DDO.

Important Services Available on Intra Haryana Portal

The official portal of intra haryana has various services for for government employees as follows:

  1. They can check and review the annual property return.
  2. They can check GPF Account services.
  3. They can check E-Salary Haryana.
  4. Service books.
  5. Official Registration Process.
  6. Online Employee Leaves Details.
  7. Information on Tour Modules.
  8. Latest news of Intra Haryana.

Intra Haryana Property Return

  • There is a provision for annual intra haryana property return to the Employee of the State Government.
  • Under this, the Director, Secondary Education Department, Haryana has issued a notice regarding the submission of annual property return by the employees of Haryana. 
  • The department promulgated the notice to all District Education Officers to give the report of Annual Property Return by the Govt. employees of class 1, class 2 & class 3 (except All India Services Officers) for the year 2019-20 as per the schedule.

Intra Haryana Gpf Statement

  • The Haryana government maintains the data of all the employees so that it can be easily accessed whenever needed. Such as providing data to the person, current GPF Statement, previous GPF Statement, Missing GPF Credit, Loan Recovery Statement, Missing GPF Schedule, etc.  The full form of GPF is General Provident Fund. This service is applicable to Government Retirement Employees. Non-Government employees cannot contribute to the GPF Account.
  • Also the AG, Haryana maintains the data of all the employees of Haryana. The system fetches the data from it using services and provides the data to the individual accordingly. It provides the intra haryana gpf statement GPF statement, previous GPF statement, Missing GPF credit, Missing GPF schedule, Loan recovery statement, etc.

Intra Haryana Salaray SlipE-Salary Haryana

  • The E-Salary system has the facility to process and publish the salary of the employees of the department. It provides all the reports needed for the account branch. Individual employees can see his Intra Haryana Salaray Slip, Annual Salary Statement 2021, Other Payments.
  • Under this, information related to the salary of Government Employees is given by the Department through the portal like – Bank Account Details, Employee’s Annual Income Details, Salary Slip, and other Payment Details can be seen.

Service Books

  • A service book is very important for an employee. It contains details about the action taken during the job of the employee and the success/praise achieved.
  • Services:- Employees can see his/her complete service book, Salary Statement, Annual Salary statement, GPF Balance, Pension calculator, Bio-Data, Latest TCS News.

Intra Haryana Leave Application

Through this portal, employees can SMS or email their top officials for online leave and Tour. The officer can approve or reject the request made by logging into the portal. Employees can apply for a Leave or Tour Programme.

  • => Email and SMS are sent to the reporting officer automatically.
  • => Officer can approve or reject the leave/tour from his email account or by login to the portal.
  • => The system will send SMS and email of approval to the officer automatically.
  • => The status report of officer on tour or leave is also available.

Intra Haryana Update

  • To keep yourself updated with the latest news and with the new facilities launched by the portal, there is a section on the homepage as shown in the image. Here you can simply check all the latest news.
intra haryana login
intra haryana login 2021

Intra Haryana Registration| Hrms Haryana Registration Process – 

To successfully register at intra haryana portal or at hrms haryana or If you are not registered with HRMS-Employee Portal (Karamchari Sahayak) – intrahry.gov.in. Kindly follow the following steps:

  • Step 1)– Given below is a blue button, click the button and it will take you to the site Intrahry.gov.in. On the website home page, you can see the login panel, click on the New Registration button to start the registration procedure as shown in the image below.
intra-haryana-portal - 2021-22
intra-haryana-portal – 2021-22
  • Step 2)– Select Employee Type, Enter Payee Code/ Unique Code, or Salary Bank A/c No. and then click on the submit button as shown in the image –
intra haryana nic in
(Intra Haryana) - Salary Slip, GPF Statement & Login[August/2022] 6
  • Step 3)- After clicking on the Submit button, you will see the 2 options for getting your mobile phone details – 1. Show mobile no from HRMS 2. Show mobile no from E-Salary. After choosing between two of the options you will get your OTP for completing your registration process.
  • Step 4)– Now easily enter the OTP and click on the submit button to verify it. After successful verification of your OTP, a new screen will be opened to set the password for HRMS Employee Portal. Now enter the password and confirm it, both must be the same and User-ID will be your payee code/ unique code (need not to enter it) and click on the Submit button and you will now see the message saying – User Registered Successfully, that means you are successfully registered on HRMS- Employee Portal.
  • Step 5)– Now, for login to site intrahry.gov.in, User-ID will be your payee code/ unique code/ mobile number, and password is the same which you have entered while doing registration.

Important Note[Intra Haryana Forget Password]– In case you forget your password to access this portal, Use the link of Forget Password, which you will see on the Login page of this site.

Intra Haryana Login 2021

Given below is the updated 2021 intra haryana login procedure –

  • Step-1) Simply open the Official website of intra haryana nic in, then a login form will appear as shown in the below image.
intra haryana nic in
intra haryana nic in
  • Step-2) Simply Enter Your “Payee code” or “Mobile No” and Enter your “Password”
  • Step-3) Enter “captcha code” and click on the “Login” button and you will now login to your respective account.

Easy Steps to Download HRMS Haryana Employee Salary Slip

  • Step-1) Simply visit the intraharyana portal.
  • Step-2) Now fill out your payee code or mobile no. And then, enter your password and solve the captcha so that you can log in easily.
  • Step-3) After login, navigate to the salary slip option. Select your preferred time period and click on the download button. In this way, you can download your regular salary slip through similar steps each time you need it.

How to Update Family Id on Intra Haryana

How to update family id on intra haryana – follow the given below easy steps.

  • Step-1) First open the official portal of intra haryana nic in and then log in with your login details.
  • Step-2) After that, simply Click on the “Update Family id”.
  • Step-3) Then you will redirect to the family id details page and an option of available “Add New Family” will come.
  • Step-4) Enter Family id no and Click on “Add New Family” button.
  • Step-5) Fill up all the “Add New Family Details” form and click on the “Add” button.
    And you have successfully updated your family details.

The Most Effective Way to Check Immovable Property Return of HCS Officers

In the event, that you need to see the Property Return of HCS Officers of Haryana, at that point follow the easy steps given below –

  • a) First simply visit the site given below –
  • b) Now, select the option of Financial Year and Employee Name. And, click on the Search Option.
  • c) After this, you will have the option to see the representative’s name, father’s name, Joining Date, and so forth. Also, you can check the IPAR File by clicking on the link given below on the official site.

How to Submit Online Leaves at “Intra Haryana” Portal?

If you want to take online leave or want to fill online leave on intrahry portal, follow the given below steps –

  1. Open the official website by clicking the above given blue button.
  2. Now on the homepage [Note – if you are a new user and want to register, read the above-mentioned registration process], login into your account by entering your details i.e –
    user id and password.
  3. After successfully login into your account, now choose the online leads and Tour module option. This option is visible on the left side on the homepage of your device screen.
  4. Now a new window or page will be displayed where you have to select the “MY LEAVE” menu. Now if you want to take leave you have to select apply for leaves.
  5. After this, you will able to get the form of leave application. Simply enter the details that are required and click on the Save button.

Also you can check –

  1. your pending leaves status from the pending leave menu bar.
  2. leaves status
  3. leaves pending for approval

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