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Today in this post by Blocles4u we will discuss an indian farmer essay or say indian farmer essay in english which will help you in your school and college assignments.

India has been an agriculture dominant country for centuries and an Indian farmer is the most important member of our society.

A farmer has to work very hard in his fields from dusk to dawn. And a majority of the Indian farmers cannot afford expensive farming equipment, due to which they have to depend more on manual work, which is the root cause of a farmer’s low income.

He grows vegetables, corn, pulses, wheat, maize, etc, for our daily needs and consumption. All the tasty food that we eat is the outcome of farmer hard work. He is the bread-earner for other people of the nation. 

Condition of Indian Farmers| An Indian Farmer Essay

indian farmer essay
indian farmer essay

Indian farmer essay -A farmer in real manners is the father of a nation. Because, a father has to take care of his children and in the same manner, a farmer has to take care of his country’s citizens.

A farmer gives 100 percent to his field, working very hard 24/hours a day to grow crops. Besides this proper maintenance of crops, proper growth, and much more, is a very difficult task for a farmer.

But yes, he somehow with his firm dedication and hard work, manages all these difficult tasks until his crops grow.

But the sad truth is that the value and the worth a farmer deserves is never given to him. All the profits that a farmer deserves are cut-off or stolen by the middle distributors. And this is the reason, most of the farmers always remain unhappy and dissatisfied.

And due to low income, he had to borrow money from money lenders at a very high rate of interest as compared to normal banking institutions, to fulfill his domestic needs.

But as we know, a farmer is totally dependent on agricultural activities, he has no other source of income. Due to this, he fails to pay the borrowed money back and for this reason, he again borrows money from a different money lender at a high-interest rate.

And ultimately he falls into a debt trap, where it is impossible for a farmer to come out. And this is the root cause that many poor farmers commit suicide.

But with the passage of time, many things have been improved. The government takes some steps, such as providing subsidies to farmers, providing loans with low interest to help farmers in buying agricultural equipment, etc.

Our government(Not a particular political party) is paying special attention to the agriculture sector now.

Life of An Indian Farmer| An Indian Farmer Life

indian farmer essay in english
indian farmer essay in english

An Indian farmer leads a very hard life. He has to work day and night. He works in his fields in scorching heat and in severe cold. He has to even work in the darkness of night.

Even then he cannot make both ends meet. He has no facilities in life. He has to live in unhealthy and unhygienic surroundings.

A farmer gets up early in the morning. He takes his oxen to the fields in the dark. He finishes much of his work before the sun rises. Means when all the nation is sleeping, our farmers are working hard to meet their end and means. To feed our nation, farmers never retreat. The farmer sees our well before he sees his own good.

Even the cold winter cannot stop him at home. He has to plough the field when it is ready for it. Even a little delay will mean the loss of one season.

He is assisted by other members of his family. Another member of his family follows him in the furrows for showing seeds. A female member brings breakfast for him. He relishes even the coarse food. He drinks lassi and enjoys butter or curd. It is truly a very nourishing diet for him. It is digested by a person who puts in much of physical labour. And, this is what an indian farmer does. From this, we can find out how simple a farmer lives.

After taking meals, he takes a rest under a shady tree. This enlivens him. In the afternoon, he goes out to the fields to bring green fodder for his animals. He cuts the fodder. He mixes some straw in it and puts it before the animals.

He has to water his fields also. He has to do it in time because it is very important. A farmer may be illiterate, but he knows all about his farm, how much water has to be added to his field, how many medicines have to be added, this farmer knows well.

He has to work the Persian wheel with the help of his oxen. This requires lot’s of hours, but he has to attend to all these jobs.

Conclusion – Indian Farmer Essay

Indian farmer essay -The life of an indian farmer is always full of happiness, difficulties, and sorrows. When his life takes a new turn, nothing is known. His joys know no bounds at the time the harvest is ripe. 

He always thinks of making his crop successful. He imagines what amount of money he will get in return. Sometimes, this joy turns into sorrow. An untimely rain or even hail storm destroys the crops. The poor farmer cannot do anything against the game of nature. What he can do is he watches everything helplessly.

Government help has gone a long way in mechanizing the agriculture sector. Some of the farmers have bought tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural equipment. Some of them have got tube-wells to water their fields. But they have got everything on loan. The loan has to be returned.

Moreover, the majority of Indian farmers have to depend upon the old system. They have to depend upon their own labor. They have to live a poor and unhealthy life.

indian farmer essay in english| indian farmer essay| an indian farmer essay

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