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India of My Dreams Essay – Read an Easy essay for students and children, on India of My Dreams Essay in English, which will help you in your school assignments and also for other educational projects.

Short 100+ Words India of My Dreams Essay for Students and Kids –

india of my dreams essay
india of my dreams essay

India of My Dreams Essay in English – India is my favorite country because it is the place where I was born. I am very grateful to my Motherland India for providing me everything needed for my development and nourishment. As a true citizen of India, I have many dreams for my country. 

Since I have lived in India since my birth, I noticed many good as well as bad things. So my dream is to end all the bad practices prevalent in our Indian society. 

My first dream is of having Pure Democracy in India. Because democracy is the first and primary ladder in the development of any nation, but due to some corrupt elements in society, Indian democracy is at a very dangerous risk. 

For example – In India, every day, there are 1000 cases filing on the charges of rape, dowry, etc. But in reality, not even 5% of the cases are able to get justice, because of these powerful and corrupt elements.

Next, I want women in my country to feel safe and secure. My dream is to see India, as a powerful nation where there are no cases of gender discrimination, women can feel safe to do anything. Poor girls can pursue a quality education free of cost.

My next dream is to see India as a nation where there is no underemployment or unemployment. To achieve this goal of zero unemployment, I want India to become more advanced in the field of employment generation. India should focus on employment generation opportunities, so that every educated citizen of India, can find his/her dream job.

Next India of my dreams would be a country where everyone can feed their children properly. 

Because according to globalhungerindex “India ranks 102nd out of 117 qualifying countries. With a score of 30.3, India suffers from a level of hunger that is serious.” 

So, I want my nation to be economically strong enough, that everyone should have a basic meal of facility.

In the last, India of my dreams would be a country where there is a powerful and strong arrangement for the Indian Army. Because our army officers are the real-life heroes who give us 24 Hours protection. So, I want India to be more strong in the army field.

500+ Words India of My Dreams Essay for College Students

India of My Dreams Essay – India of my dream would be a country where everyone lives happily, there is no tension of dangerous wars, political instability, economic depressions, the problem of unemployment, etc. But, to achieve all these great conditions, India would be a country of my dreams where it should fulfill all the given conditions –

1. Education

Education is the ist step to the path of success. So, I want to see every child in India go to schools and colleges. The government also encourages this policy as Article 21-A of the Constitution of India provides for free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years as a Fundamental Right.

Why is Education Important?

Because education gives us a unique lens through which we can see the world from a new and better perspective. It helps us in building opinions and having points of view on things in life. It motivates our confidence.

2. Development in the Field of Science –

Next, India of my dreams would be a highly developed country in the field of Science. Because in today’s era science has proven itself very useful in every field. Technology is the only way by which we can minimize our production cost and on the other hand, maximize profits.

Technology plays an important and vital role in a country’s economy.

Today every country is trying to maximize the use of science and technology to increase its GDP growth.

Here are some of the stats – Check

But yes, there are also many disadvantages of science, which you can read here.

3. Women Empowerment

india of my dreams essay
india of my dreams essay

To empower women, give her equal status in every working field, is my next dream, that I wish to see fulfilled in my country India.

Even in the 21st century, where nothing is impossible in the field of advancement, the position of women has deteriorated, because of zero advancements in the mindset of people. 

News related to women like rape, kidnapping, even dowry is very common in the newspapers of India. All these incidents and news depicts how backward our society is. In some villages of India, women education is even considered as of no or zero value, they consider women as only as a kitchen slave.

So, ist step in women’s empowerment is to educate all poor women and give them the opportunity to stand out on their own feet.

Secondly, women’s security is very important, so I want my Indian government to make strict laws related to the security of women. 

And last, but not least, it is also our duty to make women feel safe, and to change our old mindset towards women, so that no women will feel insecure and can pursue her dreams. 

4. Employment Opportunities

In spite of the fact that there are many educated youths in India, because of corruption and numerous different reasons they can’t find a respectable line of work and this is the most important reason behind the unemployment stats of India.

Furthermore, there are numerous employment opportunities available in the nation however they are either restricted or don’t pay a fair salary.

So, the Indian of My Dream will be a country where there is a proper plan of employment generation opportunities and also a transparent system for its implication.

5. Caste Discrimination

India of my dreams would be a country where individuals would not be oppressed based on the old irrelevant caste system or on the basis of religion. This would go far in fortifying the country. Despite the fact that India got autonomy in 1947, still we can’t get total freedom from the caste system, religion, and doctrine segregation.

Even in the 21st century, it is very shameful or shocking that in many parts of India, the people of lower caste are treated very badly to a large extent. So, I want India to see as a country where there is no discrimination, and for this govt needs to make more strict laws and also awareness campaigns on a large scale.

6. Corruption

As a responsible citizen of our country, we should take a pledge not to accept any kind of corrupted activities anymore and anyhow. If we want our country to becoming India of our dream we should come together and hold our responsibilities against these minor issues to bring a major change in our society.

Before indulging in any sort of corrupted activities, we must aware of its future impacts on us. When we take care of small things, big things fall into place.

Conclusion – India of My Dreams Essay in English

In the conclusion of this India of my dreams essay in English, I would like to say that India will be a nation where all citizens are treated with equal status so that there is a common feeling of nationalism which increases the internal sovereignty as well. I believe in a country that respects women and treats them with fair equality.

Being a developing nation India still remains backward in many aspects like gender inequality, unemployment, poverty, religious conflicts, caste discrimination, weird stereotypes which hinders it in becoming a developed nation. So we have to free ourselves from these obstacles so that we can live a happy life.

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