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Importance of newspaper essay – Newspapers are the cheapest and a great source to know about the happenings of our surroundings. They bring news from all parts of the world and stay updated. 

Newspapers are the best means of communication among individuals and their surroundings. We get our everyday portion of information from newspapers promptly toward the beginning of the day.

The press has become a very important model of instant information in modern civilization. It has even employed many youngsters. Every educated person likes to begin his day with the daily newspaper. A newspaper is a necessary item like morning tea. 

Newspapers bring us news from all over the world, views, and comments on all important events. They educate and aware the public, widen its outlook and enlighten its mind to a level. They play a very important role in a democracy. By their criticism, they can keep the government of the day alert and wide awake. 

They shape public opinion and reflect intelligent people’s reactions to important national and international problems. A good and useful newspaper must be objective. It should help in shaping public opinion in a country. It helps us to be aware of our surroundings and increases our knowledge.

History of Newspapers| Importance of Newspaper Essay

importance of newspaper essay
importance of newspaper essay

Proper use or proper circulation of newspapers in society began in the seventeenth century. Various nations have various timetables, to begin with, the distribution of Newspapers. In 1665, the first genuine paper was imprinted in England. 

The first-ever American newspaper named “Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick” was imprinted in 1690. Additionally, for Britain, everything begins from 1702, and in Canada, in the year 1752, the principal paper named Halifax Gazette began its distribution.

Europe was known as the hub of the printed press in the 17th century with quite a few of them starting operations in German, French, Dutch, Italian, and English soon after.

The first newspaper to be printed in India was the Hicky’s Bengal Gazette in 1780 from a printing press in Calcutta. 

The Rapid Decline

Also, Newspapers have started to confront competition from other modes of media as well. To begin with, In the 1920s and 30s, when radio adoption was developing and associations began broadcasting news once again radio transmission. 

And afterward, during the 50s when TV was a mainstream gadget in western homes and turned into the essential medium to impact popular sentiment. 

However, the last 20-25 years have not been that obliging to print media all in all. The quick trend of advanced media or digital media on the back of the internet and cell phone infiltration has effectively affected newspapers around the world.

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Speech on the Importance of Newspaper

Speech on importance of newspaper – A newspaper has different uses for different persons. An illiterate person regards newspapers as something for wrap-ping up articles. There are others who go through it and tear it into bits. There are still others who keep cuttings of articles for their future information and profitable use. So, a newspaper is an object which is slighted, ignored, and ill-treated by many but loved, respected, and valued by others.

Still, a large majority of readers look up to the newspaper as the first thing to look into. It is because they give us valuable information. They add to our knowledge, not about our own country but also about world affairs. 

The newspapers also express their opinion about the social and political problems through their editorials. In this way, they inform and educate public opinion. They mold the readers into their own way of thinking. That is why the newspaper is considered a power.

The modern age is an age of democracy. Democracy depends upon public opinion. The press is a link between the government and the people. It gives news as to what the government is doing. It tells about the omissions and commissions of the government. On the other hand, it places before the government the view of the people. It reflects public opinion.

In this way, the press exercises a great political influence. It arouses national consciousness on important matters. It teaches citizens their rights and responsibilities. It also serves as a social reformer. It is through the columns of the press that social abuses are exposed and criticized.

Every newspaper does not, however, produce a healthy effect. There are newspapers that publish news in a sensational way. They give their readers a good amount of excitement. They exist only on this account. A good newspaper must serve better. It should identify itself with the best interests of the people.

A newspaper should be neutral. It should speak fearlessly what is true. It should defend the cause which is just. On our part, we should read every line of it very carefully. We must realize that news and articles involve the labor of thousands of people. Its reading and maintenance will enable us to make proper use of our leisure. It will also widen our intellect.

Conclusion – Importance of Newspaper Essay

In conclusion on the Importance of Newspaper Essay in English, we can safely say that it has become the only authentic medium of reading something useful. Newspaper enhances our reading skills and keeps our eyes safe. Newspaper is a combination of different ideas, different news, different thoughts and so many things that come into some pages. Thus we can say that reading newspaper is a good habit which keeps us focused and tuned to daily happening events and propaganda. The person who reads newspapers daily and carefully is considered as more knowledgeable than someone who doesn’t.

[importance of newspaper essay in english]

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