Forever For You NGO – An association started by Chandigarh Youth

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Forever For You NGO
Forever For You NGO

Forever For You NGO – An association started by Chandigarh Youth – In this article, we will try to put some highlights on the work done by Chandigarh Youth for Social Welfare. Generally, it is hard to find that a college student, who adjusts his time out of the college schedule and give it to humanity and for the reforms in the society.

But, Yes Ravi, student of PGGC,11(co-ed), Chandigarh,20-years old, by his firm determination to bring a change in society, started his own NGO on 31 August 2018.

Forever For You NGO 1
Forever For You NGO

This young boy has proved that age does not play a role to bring a change or reforms in society. Disciplinary attitude and good leadership quality make Ravi to devote himself to social welfare. He sets up an example for the young youth that managing time both for study and to make a contribution to society can be done simultaneously.

About the NGO – 

Ravi started the NGO only by 10 people but in the meantime due to his dedication and work it has been extended to more than 50 members in Nayagaon and 10 in Chandigarh.

Currently, the NGO president is Lovish Chauhan and Rahul Negi the secretary of the NGO, both of them also make their contribution in the social welfare. Ravi wants to take some tough steps to end corruption in society.

Works done by Forever For You NGO in Chandigarh –

Forever For You NGO 3
Forever For You NGO

Forever For You NGO, has done lots of work in Chandigarh in many fields like –

These young students regulate the daily traffic in Nayagaon, it is a great concern of matter that this is the duty of police administration but is done by the Forever For You NGO team for a long period of time.

Forever For You NGO 5
Forever For You NGO

According to the local people, traffic jam hinders lots of people as through that route, students go to college, also the route is nearer to the hospital-PGI, people go to their offices, it is possible through the young students only that they are able to regulate the traffic.

Also, the NGO helps poor street animals. There are lots of cases in which NGO, help the injured street animals, give them first aid, bring the poor animal to the hospital. 

It is very praiseworthy that even in 2020 these type of youngsters exists.

But unfortunately, lots of corrupted people hinder or repressed the work, enthusiasm, and talent of these youngsters.

Through this article, we want to make people aware of these youngsters and their work is done in society.

This is not a paid promotion, if there are youngsters who work the same and make their contribution to society but unable to find social recognition, Blocles4u will help to bring them in front of media. Just send your details through our Instagram page and we will write a free post for you.
In last, as a true citizen, share this article with your friends, to end the corruption in society.
Jai Hind.

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