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Essay on my school in english or my school essay – A school is a golden temple of learning. Learning includes the development of mind, body, and character. And that is why every parent sends their children in school so that it molds the students into ideal citizens, who rise in life and achieve their goal of life.

A school is the pride of a country and a hub of education. Education is a very important part of our life because it is the only path through which someone can enlighten and explore his/her life. Without education our life is aimless because education helps us to see this world with a different perspective, one is able to decide his/her future with this powerful tool.

Essay on My School in English| 500 Words My School Essay

essay on my school
essay on my school

Given below is easy my school essay or my school paragraph for students and children.

I study in the Old Ropar Road School, Manimajra(Complex), Chandigarh. It is situated in healthy surroundings and is very near to my lovely house.

My school is one of the best-reputed schools in Chandigarh. It is surrounded by charming sites of nature which always keep all students fresh and active. It has a grand building. It has four blocks. The main block has twenty large and well-ventilated classrooms and a big hall.

The hall is used for examination purposes. It is also used when some speaker comes to the school to address the students.

There is a spacious science block. It has well-equipped laboratories of chemistry, physics, and biology. The third block houses our school library.

Our school library is very well furnished and has different sections of books. All the books are updated and are available to all students, which they can issue with their identity cards. 

The fourth block has a dispensary for the students and staff members.

Also all the rest rooms of our schools are very clean and well maintained.

At the back of the school, there is a spacious playground. During game and break periods students play there different kinds of games. My favorite game which I play in a free period with my friends is Hide and Seek. All my friends love this game. 

Our school grants liberal stipends to outstanding players. That is why our school attracts talented players and always wins prizes in hockey and cricket.

Our school has a trained, efficient, and dedicated staff and I am very proud of this. Our principal is not only intelligent but also a good administrator. She is very humble and kind to children. That is why everything in the school is going on smoothly. She has a very watchful eye. Although she has a soft corner in her heart for the students, yet she is a strict disciplinarian.

All our school teachers are very learned and cooperative toward children. And the best thing is, every teacher tries his best to make his subject interesting. They take a personal interest in the students. Our Hindi teacher, in particular, is very kind and sympathetic. Instead of giving punishment, she advises the students to learn and behave.

Our school also gives due importance to extracurricular programs. The students are encouraged to join scouting, Red Cross, N.C.C. We have a debating club also, where our intelligent students debate on social as well on current issues, which is very helpful to gain extra-knowledge.

Declamation contests are also held twice a year. Participants from other schools are also invited. The best speakers are given prizes.

That is why our school is so popular. Students from all over the district seek admission. And it is granted on the basis of merit. Our school is thus a valuable asset to our country.

Easy My School Paragraph| Essay on My School

Why Do I Love my School?

My school is not just an educational institution for me, it is my second family that I built during my childhood. A family of lovely friends, brilliant teachers, and school memories. I love my school very much because it is the place where I learn how to become a good citizen, how to achieve my goal. To be honest, my school is the only place where I feel good to spend time with my best friends.

My School taught me how to respect every aspect of life, and how to overcome any kind of difficulties. During the study in the school, my school teachers not just taught me the bookish knowledge but also the real knowledge that helps me to stand out in this competitive world.

My First Day at School| Essay on My School in English

Life is full of new events. One has to overcome many situations in life. One has to make an experiment with different things. Going to school for ist time is, for a child, to face altogether a new situation.

It was the third of March. I was to appear in the entrance test. I had prepared well for the test and for this I had learned the English alphabet, arithmetical tables, and much more. My mother kissed me and blessed me for a great career. My father accompanied me. I was wonder-struck at the sight of the school infrastructure. It was a multi-storeyed building.

Many parents and students were waiting outside the Principal’s office. All the students appeared before different teachers for an oral test. I fared very nicely. I replied to all the questions to the satisfaction of the teachers.

At about 12 noon, the principal had a personal interview with the parents. This process continued for about two hours. It was 2 p.m that our result of admission was declared.

I was given admission in Section A of the nursery class. It was 4 p.m that we reached back home. We were very happy. My parents felt very proud of myself. I still remember that my joy knew no bounds.

My Last Day at School| Essay on School

my school essay
my school essay

Life has both sides. We have joys, we have sorrows. We meet and we depart. It was the day when I joined the school. A day came that was my last day at the school.

It was the 15th of February, 2010. Only a month was left for the matriculation examination to start. Our school principal had declared preparatory holidays. All the syllabus was over.

The junior students had arranged a farewell party for us. The program started at 4 p.m. A stage was set up for the staff members. We were seated on the front chairs. The junior students sat on the back chairs.

Some of the students entertained us with songs and dance performances. Our school principal delivered an impressive speech.

After that we were given a light refreshment.

Then we posed for a photograph along with the staff members. The principal sat in the middle chair. Other teachers occupied chairs on both sides. We stood in rows behind the chairs.

It was a day full of strange feelings. We were sorry to miss the teachers, to part company with the class-fellows and junior companions at the school.

We were leaving for better prospects. We were on the way to making our career in life.

Conclusion – Essay on My School

In the conclusion of this my school essay or my school paragraph, I would like to say that school days are golden and much more precious as compared to college days.

During college we make friends but during school, we make a family of lovely friends that last with us forever.

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