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Today, in this essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, we will read or discuss the main pros and cons of mobile devices. In today’s world, we have many relationships. For e.g. Relationship with your best friends, Family-Members. etc. The main merit of these relationships is that it is healthy and good for us. These relationships are also necessary for our fundamental development.

Our Friends, relatives, etc. support us very well in the period of difficulties. Overall, we can say that we can’t live in isolation; we have to accept and respect these relations.

But nowadays, mostly our youth is engaging in a Relationship with Mobile Phones. This is the most dangerous relation out of every relation. But, our youth is getting influenced by it in a large number. Out of 10, every 7 is engaging in this relation.

MOBILE+PHONES – a dangerous as well as a useful device in our life. It influences every part of the world. However, initially, in relation to Mobile Phones, we have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones
essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Advantages of Mobile Phones 500 Words Essay


The 1st main merit and advantage as all we know that we can find any type of information on Mobile-Phones with an Internet connection. By collecting the different-different type of information easily, we can do our work in a minute.

Students find the internet very useful while studying, as they can clear their doubts easily. Also, all the concepts are defined very well on the internet.

Video lectures are also available on many platforms like YouTube. Students can also do preparation for their competitive exams and build their future more bright.


The most important feature and the advantage of mobile phones are that with their introduction- Conversation becomes very smooth and efficient. It also saves a lot of transportation costs as we can make calls in any part of the world.

With the savings of money, it also saves one time and energy. We can make calls in one second only by paying the cheap amount of bills.

Also, Conference Call is an option available by which we can make calls to 2 or more people at a time, which plays an important role in business meetings.


Another advantage of mobile phones is that there are millions of applications available in Application-Store which can do our work in a minute.

We can order food, clothes, appliances, furniture, etc at our doorstep. These all applications raise our standard of living and also useful in the management of time.

Also, other applications like Calculator, Torch, Calendar, G-mail, E-Mail, Maps and navigation, other essential tools make our life very easy.

4) Develops and Encourage Social Movements-

Mobile-Phones with the help of internet connection develop and encourage several social movements like-

*Women Empowerment

Women can raise their voice against any kind of exploitation with the help of internet. The best example is ME-TOO movement. Women can also put their views on the internet, which will help in their personality development and give them the inspiration to fight against wrong evils like dowry, rape, etc.

* Political Movements-

It also encourages and develops the political movements by which we come to know the real motive of political parties either- greedy or for welfare.

Through active social media people come to know the reality of different political parties and hence they use their Right to vote in a proper way.

5) Support or Encourage E-Governance-

In today’s modern world, E-Governance generally means an electronic government that gets active support from these mobile phones.

Mobile-phones and Computers make E-Governance complete. People can easily find information related to administration in a minute. We can do our administration work in mobile-phones like – paying off bills, court-related work, etc.

6) Updated News-

We can see any type of news on our mobile-phones just by installing an application.

Political, Economy, Technical, Beauty, etc.. all type of news are available just by one click. So, mobile-phones also update us with every detail news that occurs all over the world.

7) Save Money-

Mobile-Phones save a lot of money which we can invest in other work.

It saves the cost of the newspaper, transportation cost, administration cost, tuition cost and many more. So, overall, there are many benefits of mobile-phones if we utilize them in the best way.

But as we know there are two sides of coins, there are disadvantages of mobile phones also, discussed below in the essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones 500 Words Essay

essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones
essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

1) Spoil Teenager Future –

The teenager is an age in which attraction plays an important role, and electronic devices’ attraction is of great significance. Teenagers instead of doing the studying, always waste their time on mobile phones. Games, Songs, and social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram all eats the valuable or usable time of children.

All this led to a decline in the efficiency of students and destroy their future goals.

2) Economic Growth-

Huge involvement of youngsters and teenagers in mobile activities led to wastage of aggregate time and their valuable mind.

A huge wastage of time means- no educational activity and this led to unemployment in the economy. Hence, it hinders economic growth.

Low economic growth led to a decline in GDP growth. So, heavy usage of mobile-phones in non-educational activity is a sign of danger to an economy.

3) Loss of Time and Energy-

Due to involving in unproductive activities in mobile-phones, it led to heavy wastage of time and energy.

Unnecessary chats on social media with friends or bad habit of becoming owl on social media, definitely led to the loss of valuable time which another wise get invested in many productive activities.

4) Change in Behaviour-

It is a common problem seen in every youngster that due to stuck in the trap of mobile phones, their personality is getting rude day by day.

As they become firmly addicted to MONE, their nervous system gets damaged. Rude personality can take the form of any type of crime.

5) Reduction in Human Life-

We are all familiar with the fact that thousands of people – lost their lives while driving while using mobile phones.

Also, there are many health-related problems due to the usage of mobile phones. Some of the health problems are-

•    Headache

•    Dark Circles

•    Eye weakness

•    Reduction in concentration

•    Reduction in sleep and many more

6) Huge Expenditure-

Another disadvantage of Mobile-Phones is the huge expenditure incurred on it. As we know, technology is always updating in nature. So, when the technology updates, we have no choice except for buying the new ones.

Means whenever new mobile-phones come in the market with new features- it attracts us and hence huge expenditure on new phones.

Also, mobile-phones are non-biodegradable in nature, which means some of its parts cannot be recycled. Implying it also damage or degrade our natural cycle.

7) Fake Viral-

Another dangerous disadvantage of mobile phones is that it promotes fake news on the internet. It also endangers one’s nation’s international security. Many anti-national messages are going viral all over the world which had many negative impacts.

After reading both advantages and disadvantages, let’s move towards conclusion of essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

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Conclusion – Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

In the conclusion of essay on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones depend on the use of mobile phones.

As we know that we can’t live without any relationship. Because all relationships are of special significance in their own place. In the same way, Mobile-phones are of also great significance.

In today’s modern world it is impossible to live a second without these devices. These devices made our work easy and comfortable. We have to understand their importance and use them only when we need it.

If we utilize these devices in a proper manner, then only we escape from their dangerous disadvantages.

[Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones]

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