Discord on Ps4 | Ultimate Guide of 2022 to Add Discord To Your PS4

Last Updated on: 14th June 2022, 03:34 pm

Discord on ps4 – The PS4 has a feature called “Party” that lets you talk to other players while online, but it doesn’t officially have a voice chat feature. You can use third-party programs like Skype or Discord to chat with other players, but they require the player to download them before they can be used on the PS4. This article will teach you how to add Discord to your PS4 so you can talk with your friends while playing games on the console.

Overview of Discord

Discord is a text and chat-based application that was designed to be used by gamers on consoles like the ps4, Xbox one but also supports gaming on pc as well. discord allows you to talk with friends playing games other than just yourself, which makes it easy to coordinate plans for game nights or matchmaking in games.

=> Channel System

Discord also includes a channel system so users can make their own channels for particular games and invite people into those channels without letting random strangers have access to certain information they don’t want others knowing about them even if those strangers are your best friends from discord in other channels.

Discord also has music features where users can stream their favorite music from a browser right onto discord making it easy for you to listen to music while still chatting with others on discord.

=> Devices Supported by Discord

Discord supports multiple devices like laptops, desktops, and even phones so you can be logged in at home then go out somewhere else and have discord active without having to worry about it not working just because you’re not using your ps4 anymore or are away from your desktop computer that discord is used for.

Discord also has the ability to achieve text-based status updates where users can send quick messages right from discord onto their friends’ screens instead of just sending them out into chat rooms, which allows players to stay focused on games rather than constantly reading what other people are saying when they could be dedicating time to playing their game.

=> How Discord Works?

It has an interface where it displays multiple tabs that allow you to view what’s going on in different chat channels. Similar to Facebook, it will have a newsfeed that displays recent posts by other people in discord. discord on ps4 also has a personal server discord that allows anyone to make their own discord channel and control who can join it from any discord-supported device.

=> How do Discord Servers Work?

Discord allows you to create your own discord server name, as well as choosing the color design of your discord server. Just like chatting in discord, you can post images or emojis by using either the button on discord or using emoticons. Discord on ps4’s discord servers is moderated by discord admins. discord admins can give a discord channel role, add or remove discord users from discord channels, and ban discord users.

=> What is Discord Used For?

Discord was created to provide gamers with a way to have their own chat server where they can talk about gaming, life, or anything in between all while playing video games together. It allows its user the ability to create private chats so a group of friends can communicate through voice or text privately.

Top 10 Features of Discord

discord on ps4
Discord on Ps4

Discord is a text and voice chat app designed specifically to connect gamers through a chat experience that’s fast, reliable, and secure. Whether you’re about to play with friends or running a guild, Discord has you covered. 10 Features of Discord

  • i All Digital – No Hardware: Discord is a purely digital service that never needs to touch your hardware.
  • ii Game-agnostic: You can use it with whatever games you want, whether they’re on Xbox One or Steam, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch!
  • iii Voice chat: When one person talks, everyone can hear them so gaming with friends has never been easier. And if you need in-game voice chat for the best gaming experience possible, that’s built in too.
  • iv Push notifications: Did someone mention your name? With this feature enabled, you’ll get a notification every time anyone says your name anywhere on Discord. It’s like Google Alerts for gaming chat!
  • v User profiles: When was the last time you took a tour of your buddy’s profile page on Skype or TeamSpeak? Never? Exactly our point!
  • vi Rich embeds: Embed animated GIFs and YouTube videos into your text channels whenever you feel like it (no emoji glut here). Discover new games with friends by sharing them as rich links which makes checking out new titles super easy (especially if they’re free to play!).
  • vii Status – Discord displays the status of other members right next to their names, making it easy to know when people are active or idling. The default status is “afk,” but users can change it to “in game,” “idle,” or any custom text they wish.
  • viii Embeddable browser player – This is the main feature that sets Discord apart from other chat apps. Any audio or video file can be embedded into any channel of the server, as well as direct links to YouTube and any other website.
  • ix Personalization – Discord offers several different ways to customize your profile image in addition to using your webcam or other images from social media such as Twitter or Reddit. You may also upload your own custom emojis for quick use in any channel with just a single click!
  • x Themes – Discord has many different themes available on both their website and mobile apps for free download. It’s even possible to create (or find) custom themes using simple HTML/CSS.

How to Setup Discord on PS4?

discord on ps4
discord on ps4

Make sure your headset supports USB connections and includes an optical cable. A pair of V-Moda Crossfades cans is what we use, but we also have an Astro TXD mixer. This or something similar is needed to switch audio between PC and console.

Step 1 – Connect the optical cable to your PS4 and mixamp.

Step 2 – Go to Settings > Sound & Screen > Audio Output Settings

Step 3 – Change the Primary Output Port from Digital Out (Optical).

Step 4 – Connect the USB cable to your base station, and the other end to the computer

Step 5 – Check that your base station is set up in PC mode

Step 6 – Start Discord on your computer and change the input device for voice settings to your mixamp

Step 7 – You can use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect your PC’s speaker output to the mixer.

Step 8 – You can go back to Discord’s voice settings and change the output device for your PC speakers.

Step 9 – Enjoy Discord on PS4 Have fun chatting!

How to Get Discord on PS4?

  • 1. First, open up the Playstation Store on PS4.
  • 2. After it opens, scroll over to the left and click on “Search.”
  • 3. After you type in Discord and press search, a list of results will show. Select Discord from this list and press “Download.”
  • 4. When the download is finished, you can open up your PlayStation Store again to go back to your home screen. Select “Discord” from the menu at the top of your screen and press “Play.”
  • 5. You will be brought to a loading screen for just a few seconds before Discord opens up its window on PS4.
  • 6. After it is done opening, skip through the Introduction and click on your username at the top of the screen. Then go down to “Connections” and press X to open up a menu.
  • 7. Here you can make connections with friends or other people that are in your system’s PSN list, but we are going to invite someone from Discord. So if you have multiple Discord accounts linked, continue to Step 8; otherwise, select the account that you want to connect and hit “Start.” From there, they will be brought into your party/server lobby within Discord
  • 8. Once they accept the invitation and join the server, just like in any other chat program, you will now see their profile picture inside of Discord with a status message indicating that they are now “online.”
  • 9. To close out, you can either go back to the PS4 home screen and press the “X” button at the top, then choose “Close Application,” or you can hit the PS4 home button to return to your normal dashboard, navigate over to Discord on your computer browser or phone (if connected), and type “/close” in chat.
  • 10. Congrats! You have now set up Discord on PlayStation 4 or discord on ps4 and you’re ready to use it!

Screen Share Your PS4 On Discord

Screen sharing is a great way to connect with others in a virtual space. PS4 users can share their screens through Discord and other chat applications. However, there are some things to keep in mind when screen sharing with others.

  • First, be sure your computer and PS4 are connected to the same network.
  • Second, make sure your webcam is properly installed and functioning.
  • Third, be sure your Discord settings are configured correctly so that everyone can see the screen sharing session.
  • Fourth, be prepared to answer any questions that may come up during the screen sharing session.
  • Finally, take care when moving around the screen; avoid bumping into objects or people onscreen.


The PlayStation 4 is a powerful gaming console that has the ability to play games, stream videos from services like Twitch and YouTube, browse photos in your photo gallery, listen to music on Spotify or other audio apps. But what if you want to chat with friends? Well don’t worry: setting up Discord on PS4 is as easy as logging into your account and pressing X! Although Discord has not been officially launched for PS4. Discord is not yet available on PS4.

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