Decocraft Mod [2022]: A New Way To Decorate Your Minecraft World

Last Updated on: 7th April 2022, 11:19 pm

Decocraft Mod adds in more than 300 decorations for the Vanilla Minecraft Game. It adds a whole bunch of brand new decors to the game just to give your world some life.

Now you can craft almost everything out of blocks, from beautiful silverware and furniture to durable kegs and sturdy bars. If you loved having those old radios that made you feel like the whole world was talking to you then you will truly love Decocraft. The only problem is that it isn’t very clear on how to get started.

In order to get started with Decocraft, you need to get the compatibility patch for Java and updating the mod source code. This will allow you to use all the blocks and decorative blocks that are available in the mod.

As you can imagine this can be a big challenge for someone who doesn’t have any experience making mod packs. There are some really useful websites out there that have instructions on getting the right kind of code for you. I would definitely recommend trying them out first. They might just save you from some big headaches down the road.

Basic Setup for Using Decocraft Mod APK

decocraft mod
decocraft mod

=> The basic setup for using decocraft mod requires that you have extracted the downloaded mod file and placed it in the “config” folder inside your My Documents/ Bethesda Softworks/ Fallout 4/Resources.

=> After that, you need to activate the mod by following the prompts that will appear. It’s a good idea to backup the entire resource folder in case things don’t go as planned. Once that is done you can install decocraft mod by copying all the contents of the resource folder into the archive folder in your game.

=> If you’re using decocraft mod to craft different items for various quests or events in the game, there are two main factors that you should keep in mind. These factors are what you’ll be using the building blocks for and how many types of those different items you want to craft. You should only craft the exact amount of the resource for each type so you won’t have to waste any of your time creating resources for the wrong ones.

=> One of the most important decisions you have to make when using minecraft decocraft mod to craft is what kind of materials you’re going to craft. This is because the way this mod works, crafting consumes raw material at a specific rate.

=> If you try to craft too many different items at the same time, you will be wasting your materials and leveling up too quickly. Because of this, try to focus on only a couple of different items while you are still learning how to use the crafting system.

=> To add decocraft mod to your game, simply extract the material block from any item you want to craft. Put that block into the corresponding slot of your crafting system. Once, that block is in the crafting system, place another block of the same type next to it until you reach a limit of three. Then place an ore block next to the first two and once again until you reach the maximum number of ore blocks you can have.

How to Install Decocraft Mod APK

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Find the minecraft application folder.
    • Windows opens Run from the Start Menu, type%appdata%Click Run.
    • Mac Open Finder by holding down ALT, then click Go to Library in the top menu bar. Look for Minecraft in the folder Application Support.
  3. Place the mod that you just downloaded (.jar) in the Mods folder.
  4. You should see the mod installed when you launch Minecraft.

Decocraft Mod Features

  • Collection of 40+ blocks.
  • Andesite is added in, with regular blocks.
  • Andesite blocks can be painted with different colors and designs.
  • Access to Windows 10, 32 bit and 64 bit version for this mod.
  • 100+ new decors
  • Using greenstone is easier, because the property is unlocked after finishing all Decorations.
  • Enjoy Colorful Decors
  • Decocraft mod allows you to do more than just paint on your blocks. It makes more advanced activities possible.
  • Decorations can be added to your model to make the level look more complete. For example, a house with a window and roof.
  • Decorations are now separate files, and you can create several Decorations at once, or mix different designs.
  • The collection of Decorations is huge and it only grows every time we add more in.

What Minecraft Decocraft Mod Covers?

minecraft decocraft
Decocraft Mod [2022]: A New Way To Decorate Your Minecraft World 13

First off, the minecraft decocraft Mod uses the MCPatrick Deco Texture Mod from Minecraft 1.8. This allows Decocraft Mod to actually add a lot of Deco Pack items that will add to your experience of Decocraft Mod. Decocraft Mod will also display the same awesome decorations as MCPatrick Deco Texture Mod, the version used in vanilla Minecraft. All items in Decocraft Mod are in vanilla texture pack and will show up at runtime just like in vanilla.

Decocraft Mod covers everything that Vanilla Minecraft lacks or lacks in certain features. Decocraft Mod will cover the following things :

  • Spiders are back ! Spiders are back !
  • Fishing ponds in the Nether
  • Power caves
  • Campfires and Cooking
  • Henchmen and Platforms
  • Tilesets
  • Sunlight
  • Unique Buildings
  • HairTools
  • UHD Decorations
  • Texture Greed
  • Unusual Trees

Decocraft Mod Video | Minecraft Decocraft

Download Links:

 [1.12.2] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.11.2] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.10.2] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.10] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.9.4] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.8.9] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.7.10] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.7.2] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.6.4] Download Decocraft 2 Mod
 [1.6.2] Download Decocraft 2 Mod

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