Bhulekh Odisha[New 2020-21] – Online ROR, Map View Record Bhulekh Odisha

Bhulekh Odisha
Bhulekh Odisha

Bhulekh Odisha is an online web portal of land records initiated and launched by the Government of Odisha, with the help of this online portal of bhulekh odisha map, citizens and residents can easily check their land records in various districts of the state.


Today in this valuable post we will share with you all the details related to bhulekh odisha official portal.

Through this online bhulekh portal, Odisha residents have the flexibility to acquire the important related to Khatiyan/Plot/Tenant number. The portal also gives information and detail about the value of property, land map, property transactions, details of landowners, the record of rights, etc.

The Government of Odisha has recently created this online web portal of land records with an aim to provide its citizens all the required land information digitally. With this amazing service, residents can easily check and view their land records across various districts within a minute. 

On bhulekh odisha nic in,

even the information regarding present land rates, property transaction lists, survey documents, and receipts of property taxes are provided for the service of their citizens. These official records can be easily accessed by the citizens by providing the required details on the official website, which we will tell you in this post how to use this portal easily.

By providing this bhulekh odisha ror record of rights, the government of Odisha is providing greater transparency in the land management system, as the portal helps people a lot by verifying all the information prior to selling and purchasing of land which may avoid the risk of fraud. Now citizens do not need to go to specific departments and ask for appointments from officials for accessing land and property details, as they can obtain this information by their favorite devices with an internet connection.

Overview of Bhulekh Odisha

Name of the Portal Bhulekh – Land Records Web Portal of Odisha
Initiated byGovernment of Odisha
BeneficiariesCitizens of Odisha
For PurposeProviding Land Records Online
Official Website
bhulekh odisha land records

Bhulekh Odisha State Statistics

Number of Districts30 [Latest Updated]
Number of Tahasil317 [Latest Updated]
Number of RI Circles2410 [Latest Updated]
Number of Villages51701 [Latest Updated]
Number of Khatiyans16891819 [Latest Updated]
Number of Plots56854626 [Latest Updated]
Number of Tenants35506215 [Latest Updated]

How to Apply for Bhulekh Odisha ROR?

To apply for ror in odisha you have two ways – 

1) Through District Revenue Office

2) Through CSC Center


To apply for a certified copy of your ROR[Record of Rights] through District Revenue Office, follow the below given procedure – 

a) You need to visit the concerned District Revenue Office of your district. After that take the application form from the office and fill it carefully by giving all the required information that the form demands out. Also attach the required and relevant documents and submit it to the concerned official authorities.

b) After successfully submitting your application form, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt with a unique application number. You are advised and supposed to Keep that acknowledgement receipt safe for further references.

In the meantime of your application submission, it will undergo by all the required processes for its verification.

c) Now after the verification of your ROR – a certified copy of ROR will be issued.

Important Note – A certified copy of Record of Rights will be issued only, if there is no dispute regarding its ownership or any other aspect.

Application fee for odisha ror – 

If you have applied for a certified copy of ROR, then you have to make the payment of your requisite application fee. Given below are its details:

Govt Fees and User CostsRs.30/-
Service Charges of the Kiosk OperatorRs.8/-
Printing ChargesRs.10/-
Scanning ChargesRs.5/- 
Certificate Output ChargesRs.10/-
DeGS ChargesRs.2/-

Documents Required for the Odisha Ror – 

Your Voter ID for Proof of Identify
Your Proof of Address – Aadhaar Card
Proof of ownership of property
Your Income Certificate as an evidence for income sources
Encumbrance certificate
Land Tax
Ration Card

Advantages of Bhulekh Odisha Online Portal – 

bhulekh odisha nic in, is basically a digital portal for the citizens of odisha which provides information related land management system done by the state government of Odisha.

Meaning of Bhulekh –

Bhu means land and lekh means written information, so in aggregate it means written information of the land management system.

Given below are the advantages of Odisha Online Portal of Land Records – 

1. Citizens of odisha can easily get their land record information such as – ROR by providing required information on the official website. It makes the work easy and flexible also as you have to just use your mobile phone and can get all the details in a minute. And all this because of modern technology.

2. Also the online system facilitates transparency to some extent which leads to reduction in crimes related to land such as fraud, illegal possessions, illegal sale and purchase of land etc.

3. Another advantage of online web portal like – www bhulekh odisha gov in, is that it helps in the reduction of manual work which also leads to efficiency in the indian administration.

4. The next big advantage of online web portals like – www bhulekh odisha gov in, is that it saves the transportation cost. As now the citizens do not need to visit the offline concerned department to get any kind of information related to land property management.

How to Check & Download Land Records Online on Bhulekh Odisha 

To online check and download odisha land records or to view bhulekh odisha map, simply follow the below given steps carefully .

Step 1 – Visit the Bhulekh Portal by clicking the blue button given below. Now after landing on the official website, follow the next step.


Step 2 – Now on the homepage of bhulekh odisha land records, you will see two tables as shown in the image depicting 

bhulekh odisha nic
bhulekh odisha nic

1) State statistics and other one 

2) Showing search location for ROR. 

So fill out the required details on the second option “Select Location for ROR” from where you can see your ROR details.

Step 3 – Now you have to choose your district, tahasil, village and RI circle from the list and select the suitable option.

www bhulekh odisha com
www bhulekh odisha com

After that you can search and find your bhulekh odisha land records by using these three options – 

a) Using Khatiyan– For this, you have to click on the circle of “Khatiyan” Option and have to choose Khatiyan form the dropdown list.

b) Using Plot Number.– For this, you have to click on the circle of “Plot” option and choose the plot no. from the dropdown list.

c) Using Tenant– For this, you have to click on the circle of “Tenant” option and have to choose tenant from the list.

Step 4 – Now after selecting all the details carefully, you have to click on either of the two options –  [“ROR Front Page” or “ROR Back Page”] as per your preference.  

Now you can see your bhulekh odisha land records and can download or take out the print out also.

Important Features of Bhulekh Odisha

Now let’s discuss the important features of the bhulekh odisha nic.

Broadly there are two main features of this useful odisha web portal of land records given below – 

a) Bhulekh Odisha Map

By using this useful feature – bhulekh odisha map, you can also check the map of your land/plot. Kindly follow the given below steps carefully – 

Step 1 – Go to the official website of www bhulekh odisha, by again clicking the above given blue button.

bhulekh odisha map
bhulekh odisha map

Step 2 – After reaching on the official website you can now see the option of Map View in the menu section. After clicking on this menu link you will be redirected to another page –

bhulekh odisha naksha
bhulekh odisha naksha

Step 3 – On this page,you have to simply select your district. After that your map appears on which you have to select the RI, Village and Sheet No. options and you are ready with your map now.

b) Tahasil Information – 

The another best feature of this portal is that you can check your tahasil information.

Simply click the blue button given below and it will take you to the tahasil information page.

On this page simply select your District and Tahasil and you will get your desired information easily.

In an instance of any discrepancy or issue related to Bhulekh, residents of Odisha can contact any of the concerned people-

  • Concerned Tehsildar oR
  • Director, Land Records & Survey, Board of Revenue, Cuttack

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