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An ideal student essay – The word ‘student’ signifies one who studies. Therefore, the first quality of an ideal student is that he pays special attention to his studies.

An ideal student is one who is ideal in everything. He is an embodiment of virtues. He is aware of his duties and responsibilities. He always serves as an example for others to follow. He is the pride of the school. He is an honor to his family. He is an asset to his country. For his life are labor and learning. He knows that a sound mind operates in a sound body.

Characteristics and Qualities of an Ideal Student

an ideal student essay
an ideal student essay

Ideal student essay in english – An ideal student must carry these qualities to become successful in his life.  

a) Good Manners –

A student has to live in society. He must develop good manners. This makes life worth living. Good manners earn a person’s respect and dignity. Good manners determine not only the present worth of a person but also his future greatness.

A person is not born with manners. He learns everything from society and surroundings. We must learn how to be polite and courteous. We should be humble and cool-tempered. We should be of help to the needy and have a special respect for ladies and aged.

b) Discipline –

The word ‘discipline’ comes from the word ‘Disciple’ which means a learner. So, discipline means learning to obey and observe certain rules which are necessary for a peaceful life. Thus, discipline means a training that teaches us self-control, obedience, and cooperation.

Our progress, strength, stability, mental peace, and prosperity depend upon discipline. So discipline is very necessary for an ideal student.

c) Punctuality – 

There are many qualities a person should develop to become great. Punctuality is one of them. Time waits for none. It maintains its usual speed. If we want to succeed, we must catch the time. We must observe punctuality.

  • Punctuality means to act in time. It is very important for an ideal student.
  • It means being on time. Punctuality is very important in every walk of life.
  • It makes a person great. If we do not care for the time, it will kick us back. We cannot say how far we fall behind.

d) Habit of reading books –

Books contain the most precious treasure. They contain a wealth of precious knowledge and unique experience. They deal with various subjects such as science, philosophy, politics, literature, and economics.

The best food for an ideal student mind is reading books.

So, it is very important for a school student to develop and cultivate the habit of reading books.

An Ideal Student Essay in English| Easy Essay for Students and Children

An ideal student essay – An ideal student considers his school as the temple of learning. He always respects his teachers. He is a knowledge seeker and has a burning desire for studies. He has a thirst for knowledge. He not only studies books, he also watches television programs on studies and discoveries. He always thinks out of the box and wants to do something unique and different from others.

In fact, an ideal student is not a book-worm. He understands the value of games. Games, therefore, have equal importance for him. He plays the games regularly and to perfection.

He knows well that a healthy mind operates in a healthy body. So, he is very serious about his health. He takes exercise daily. He goes out for a morning walk.

He also participates in extra-curricular activities. He learns the art of speaking. He learns how to convince others. Besides he is courteous and correct, polished, and polite in his conduct and behavior. In college and school, he is loved by everybody because he is helpful to juniors and respectful to seniors. This is the greatest art of a successful man.

He maintains proportions in his life. He knows when to do a certain thing. He works while he works and plays while he plays. He never left things by halves. He is very punctual and regular.

He has qualities not only of the head but also of the heart. He is very intelligent but on the other hand, he is also sympathetic. He helps the weak students in studies and tries to guide them.

An Ideal Student Essay 150 Words| Short and Easy Essay

An ideal student always observes discipline. He never takes part in violent activities. He keeps aways from trouble-makers.

He controls the command in the absence of a teacher. In addition he is a true patriot and has a burning desire to serve his country. He puts the interest of his country above all his interests.

He is not narrow minded. He respects all religions. He believes in the unity and integrity of India.

In fact, an ideal student is the pride of his teacher, family, and country. And everywhere, at home, at college or outside, he is at the top.

Also Swami Vivekananda has motivated numerous ages in India as well as on the planet too. In his exercises, he has explained on specific characteristics that an individual ought to have so as to be an ideal student.

Some of them are regard, love, self-restraint, faith, confidence, focus, honesty, conviction, quality, firm-assurance, and so on. The lessons of Swami Vivekananda has propelled numerous unbelievable figures scholars and pioneers.

These scholarly limits are not adequate. A healthy and working brain dwells in a sound body. Along these lines, an ideal student must be truly healthy and fit so as to have a great focus and to work smart.

An ideal student hence stays in shape by practicing consistently. Exercise expands his ability to focus, makes him trained, and methodical.

Conclusion – An Ideal Student Essay

An ideal student essay – An ideal student always keeps up discipline in all circles of life, regardless of whether in family, instructive foundation, or society. Therefore, such an individual follows all the social and good laws. Likewise, such an understudy doesn’t move diverted and consistently practices meditation and self-control.

The ideal student always regards the estimation of the time. He shows the most extreme promptness of time. Besides, he is never late for his classes or arrangements. Generally vital, he generally makes the best decision at the ideal time.

Beside this, an ideal student has a logical point of view. Also, an ideal student never acknowledges things at their assumed worth. Such an student consistently examinations the details. Generally critical, such an student has an curious brain and poses inquiries. He acknowledges something as truth just when appropriate proof for it is accessible.

Taking everything into account is an ideal student is a critical necessity for everybody. On the off chance that one turns into an ideal student, at that point nothing can prevent him from making progress throughout everyday life. An Ideal Student will absolutely prompt a fruitful eventual fate of the Nation.

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