All Star Tower Defense Codes [March 2022] – How To Win Every Level

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All star tower defense codes – Tower defense is a type of video game where the player’s goal is to defend their side of the map, or tower, from being seized by an opposing army. The playing field in tower defense games consists of entrances to the “tower” that lead inwards and outwards from the map’s edges.

Each entrance typically has two different paths leading away from it that are protected by some form of an obstacle, be it a sheer cliff face, plant life, or even another tower as well as every possible path between two entrances enclosed within a defensive perimeter.

About All Star Tower Defense Codes

All Star Tower Defense Codes is a strategic game that tasks players with defending their base from waves of enemies. The objective is to strategically place turrets and other defense units in order to withstand the onslaught and protect your base from being taken over. Players can choose from a variety of characters with different abilities, and can upgrade their defenses as the game progresses.

All Star Tower Defense Codes is a fun, challenging game that is perfect for fans of strategic games. It is easy to learn but hard to master, and will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re looking for a new game to add to your collection, be sure to check out All Star Tower Defense Codes!

Main Challenge in the Game

all star tower defense codes
all star tower defense codes 2022
  • The main challenge with this game involves the way in which you play it and build towers to protect the entrances to your land from the approaching monsters. You can earn gold by collecting all of the required gems, which are rewarded after you successfully defend your grounds against waves of these nasty beasts.
  • There are different kinds of gems that are used for the various aspects of gameplay – defense, attack, and items. Different gems also contribute to special effects that can be seen while using certain skills. These special effects can make the game much more enjoyable when trying to build towers to protect your grounds.
  • There are four colors of gems you can collect. These include green, orange, purple, and blue. Each color has a corresponding gem code that you need to enter when you buy a tower to strengthen your defense. When you want to purchase a new one, you need to enter the code again.
  • That’s why this game can get very frustrating at times because you don’t always have enough of the right gem you need to build the tower you want. There are also special treasures that can only be collected after winning a battle in which you destroy all of the monsters in a specific level.
  • Thankfully, there is some helpful All Star Tower Defense Codes that will allow you to earn all the required gems and earn all of the rewards you desire. These codes will entitle you to a free transfer to the next level after you defeat all of the opponents on the bottom right of the screen. That means you can earn the three stars without having to wait for the tedious task of collecting all of the required gems. Also, with these codes, you can earn the special prizes offered by the game and use them to upgrade your towers.
  • There are some other codes as well that will grant you extra lives, special power-ups, extra lives, and special costumes. You really won’t want to stop here. There are many more All Star Tower Defense Codes available online if you check out some gaming forums.
  • The official Facebook page for the game also has links to additional information for people who would like to get the most out of their enjoyment of this enjoyable game. Happy hunting!

All Star Tower Defense Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed

all star tower defense codes
new all star tower defense codes

– Using the right tower upgrades will help you towards your victory. There are many different types of towers that can be upgraded, so try to stay away from the basic ones each level. Keep in mind that new towers unlock as you upgrade or purchase new troops.

– You don’t need a lot of resources because they’re hard to get during gameplay anyway, use them wisely when it’s time for battles!

=>How To Maximize Your Resources?

  • One of the best ways to get more resources is by upgrading your town hall. This unlocks three powerful buildings which often give out good rewards like gems and coins. It also grants access to other series of levels with easier opponents and more resources.
  • You will receive a lot of eggs and potions for free, hold on to them until you are really in need! They may not seem like much, but they help out tremendously when you’re faced with a tough opponent or boss.

=>Restricted Buildings

  • The lab is one of the most important buildings to have because it grants access to new troops which are vital in defeating your opponents. However once you research higher-level ones it starts becoming obsolete as it takes too long for a single troop to be made. Try building new barracks instead as the gems needed for upgrades aren’t expensive at all!

=>Tower Fight with Hidden Snipers!

  • Sometimes there are hidden snipers that you can’t see. If they aren’t mentioned in the description, it’s best just to avoid tapping on them until you’re sure they’re safe. They will usually shoot at your troops without letting you know about their presence.

=>Why You Lose Kings So Fast?

  • Solved! LOSING KING IN 2 SECONDS? It happens because of sudden attack from one of hidden attackers which is not visible for player and you have 3 different types of attacking towers but only one type of defensive tower (shield) that should be used instead as shield but if we don’t use it then you lose your king.

=>How to Defeat Dragons, Witches, Unique Magician and Boss?

  • – The best way to defeat them is by upgrading your troops or tower’s speed and attack power as much as possible. For example: If you upgraded the witch before with a great deal of speed (over 10) she won’t be able to cast spells because they take so long to perform! –
  • Regarding the unique magician in the desert stage, just focus on building enough towers so that he can’t pass through them all which will essentially make him flee due to low health. – When fighting dragons, try waiting for a few seconds so that they’ll start breathing fire again unless there are multiple ones attacking at the same time which is difficult to avoid, then try placing your towers on the outside of them.

=>Tips on Defeating Unique Enemies

  • – The Minotaur is a rare type of enemy that has high health and deals a lot of damage. Try using spells to take it down as fast as possible because melee troops won’t survive long enough! – Watch for the giants throwing boulders at you which deal a ton of damage!

One hit will kill most basic troops so be careful if they manage to destroy your towers! – The ghosts have an ability to pass through walls making them impossible to stop so just make sure you’re ready with some sort of attack when they appear! If not, watch out for their burst damage spell that will wipe your base in one go! – The Cyclops has a lot of health so your best bet is to kill it as fast as possible. Try using spells or troops that can attack from a range since his melee attacks deal quite a lot of damage!


All Star Tower Defense Codes are a set of codes that enable players of the game to have access to the different items and levels that they need. They are also used to unlock other features in the game. For example, players will be able to unlock this game’s achievements by inputting this code.

There are many different types of codes for all star tower defense, but in general, they are used to “protect” an area from a wave of mobs by using a combination of minions and towers. However, different types of tower defense codes can call a variety of minions and towers for varying purposes. Also, certain combinations of players and spells can be used to protect areas without relying on static defenses.


It is very easy to redeem codes for all star tower defense within-game.

  • Log in to the game and find the gear symbol in the lower right corner.
  • Once you have found the option, tap it to enter your code
  • You can enter one of the active All Star Tower Defense code(s)
  • Finally, click the button to claim your rewards

All Star Tower Defense Codes List 2022

Active All Star Tower Defense Codes 2022

  • illbewatchingyou – 300 gems
  • gamebreakingvisits101 – 250 gems
  • theotheronecode – 250 gems
  • minishutdown – 200 gemsmorecodeforyouxd – 175 Gems
  • codeoflight – 250 Gems
  • listentothemusic132 – 175 Gems
  • mrworldwide – 300 gems
  • howareyoutodaymyfriendo – 175 Gems (How to redeem: start a game or join a Private Server)
  • fruitysubmore
  • 4thofjulyupdate – 250 Gems, 250 Gold, Exp III
  • NAVYXFLAME4CODE – 150 Gems
  • FreeRobuxxKF – Gems
  • updatejuly2021 – 250 Gems, Exp III, 250 Gold

Expired Codes 2022

  • NAVYXFLAME4CODE – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • fruitysubmore – Redeem for a Reward [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • 4thofjulyupdate – Redeem for 250 Gold, 250 Gems, and EXP III
  • lesgolesgoyuuh – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • supertime – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • biggerthanlife1 – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • fruitgame – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 600klikes – Redeem code for 175 Gems
  • updatejune2021 – Redeem code for 250 Gold, 250 Gems, and EXP III
  • addnewunitstobannerfix – Redeem for 150 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • fruit – Redeem for 550 gems, 500 Gold, and 2x EXP III
  • 2021memorialday2021x – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • Update53021 – Redeem for 150 Gems, 300 Gold, and EXP III
  • Lovetobrazil – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • diamondnowina – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • ohmahgawdskill – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • yellowsix – Redeem for 150 gems
  • tysmfor1mfavorite – Redeem code for 750 Gems, 750 Gold, and EXP III
  • smoothcriminal2 – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • jahajha – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • shotofmemories – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • quickshut – Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • lieawake – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • freedom – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • likeapartyonthelist – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 1bvisit1b – Redeem code for 1,000 Gems
  • 1billionvisit21drip – Redeem code for 200 Gems, 300 Gold, and Koku Drip Skin
  • eastercoda21 – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • helloworld2021 – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • somemorenewcoode – Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • isitthenewerayet – Redeem code for 150 Gems


You can find more All Star Tower Defense codes on the official Discord server. There are some specials distributed randomly. This page is constantly updated with new All Star Tower Defense redeem codes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our notification.

Conclusion : All Star Tower Defense Codes

In conclusion, All Star Tower Defense Codes offer a unique and entertaining experience for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the genre or just getting started, these codes are sure to provide a challenging and fun gaming experience. With plenty of levels to choose from, as well as different game modes, there’s something for everyone. So if you’re looking for an exciting new tower defense game to add to your collection, look no further than All Star Tower Defense Codes!

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